Frager’s “joins Ace Hardware Cooperative as the newest A Few Cool Hardware Stores location”


From a press release:

“John Weintraub, owner of Frager’s Hardware on Capitol Hill since 1975, has announced plans to sell the business to the owners of Logan Hardware. Formally a member of the True Value Cooperative, Frager’s will join the Ace Hardware Cooperative as the twelfth store operated by A Few Cool Hardware Stores, a group of 11 Ace stores located in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Takoma Park, MD and Alexandria, VA.

Founded in 2003 with flagship store Logan Hardware, AFCHS owners Gina Schaefer and Marc Friedman are thrilled to add the store and its preexisting staff to their family of stores and roughly 300 employees. Aside from bringing the company’s unique blend of personal, knowledgeable and helpful service and home maintenance expertise to the Capitol Hill community, customers can expect to see the same local charm that’s drawn customers to its doors since it opened in 1920. “Marc and I are extremely proud to continue the Frager’s legacy on Capitol Hill. We have admired John and his operation since the day we opened our first location in 2003 and are looking forward to meeting our new community,” says Schaefer.

Under new ownership, Frager’s Hardware, located at 1323 E. St. SE, will continue to operate a thriving garden center and rental program from its E Street location, offering a myriad of store services, from screen repairs to power tool and party supply rentals. Though mixed with bittersweet sentiments, Weintraub is confident the new owners will continue to uphold the character of the store and its legacy as one of DC’s most beloved hardware stores. I’ve always been impressed with Gina and Marc’s success in opening hardware stores in urban neighborhoods and building strong community networks. Frager’s is a thriving operation with a fantastic staff and we’ve proven that we can adapt and innovate to meet changing circumstances and evolving customer needs here on Capitol Hill. Teaming up with AFCHS will strengthen and energize both operations and ensure our customers and community receive the same high quality service we’ve built our business on for generations to come,” says Weintraub.

The store will celebrate the change in ownership this summer with a community party & sale. To learn more about the event, customers can join the store’s Founding Members email list by sending a message to [email protected]

11th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE June 5th 2013

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  • Been going to Fragers for specialty mortar they carry, but my regular spot is Logan Hardware, which has got to be the most helpful hardware store I’ve ever been to. There’s usually someone ready as soon as I walk in to point me right to whatever odd-sized copper fitting I need. Glad to see the same folks are taking over Fragers.

    • I haven’t been to the new Frager’s Location in ages. Honestly, I always forget where it is and it isn’t really convenient to me (I live by Cap South so before it was just a hop on the 30s bus if not a pleasant walk), but back in the old location, I remember similar service. Literally upon walking in, someone would ask if I needed help. And they knew off the top of their heads where the most random things were.

    • Thank you very much!

  • justinbc

    I definitely miss the old location, I honestly keep forgetting they actually reopened in the new space and just continue to default to HD / Lowe’s since the fire.

  • Years ago I always preferred True Value over Ace, but I’m not sure it really makes much difference these days.

  • Are these the same people that own/run the Ace at City Vista? That place truly convinces me that Ace lives up to their motto of the “Helpful hardware” place. I’ve never seen a more overly friendly group of retail workers…almost to the point where I want to say “blink twice if you need to escape”…but in reality I appreciate it because when they ask if I need help my response is usually “I need that thing to fix that other thing” and they somehow know what I’m talking about.

    • Thank you! We do own the City Vista store as well and really appreciate your compliment!

      • Nice to see you reading these comments, Gina. I have gone to the Logan store since the day you opened (original location), and so happy to see you and Marc doing so well and continuing to expand. The store continues to be extraordinarily well run – so helpful, amazing inventory for “smaller” hardware store. You deserve all the success you have worked so hard for.

        • Thank you – I really appreciate that!

  • As a gardener, I really appreciate their garden center. They manage to stock a lot of good plants for such a small place and I’ve found some really unusual plants. If I didn’t live on the other side of the city I would spend a lot more money there! (Same with Ginkgo Gardens, my other local favorite.)

    • Unfortunately the garden center is no more.

      • justinbc

        “Under new ownership, Frager’s Hardware, located at 1323 E. St. SE, will continue to operate a thriving garden center and rental program from its E Street location, offering a myriad of store services, from screen repairs to power tool and party supply rentals. “

        • They closed up the garden center storefront on Penn Avenue near CVS so that construction can start on a condo building. They moved all of the gardening supplies to E street.

          The original location on 11 and Penn was sold to a developer who intended on housing Fragers on the 1st floor and condos on the upper floors. That developer has since update plans to build out the block incorporating the building at the corner of 12th and Penn and the Pizza place. I don’t know if this sale will effect Frager’s going back to the original location.

        • Yes! The Garden center is alive and well. Stop by and say hello to the team.

      • The garden center is open at the E Street location. We bought a carload of plants two days ago.

  • Any news if they are going to still rebuild the old location at 11th and Pennsylvania? Or are those plans now shelved?

    • Hello. We will move after the new space is (re)constructed – probably in two years or so. Thanks!

  • You can also order online and ship to store which is nice. The Ace near me has the goofy AstroTurf door mats with the daisies. Kind of retro and tacky yes, but they are quite effective at scraping dirt off your shoes. Big boxes don’t have them.

  • Great group of hardware stores. I was a little down about the Logan Hardware move because of the convenience of the old location, but the new one is so nice that it more than makes up for the move!

  • Since someone from Ace seems to be monitoring this…will existing Fragers accounts be honored?

    • Hi Chris – none of that should change. Thanks for asking!

  • It sounds like this is the best option for Frager’s to continue and I’m glad, but I definitely miss the old place. The last time I went in before the fire it was because I lost a screw on an appliance, so I took a similar one into Frager’s. I was completely embarrassed to be there for such a nothing errand and fully expected to be told I couldn’t be helped or sold a large variety box of screws, but the guy listened to me and led me to the back room. It was filled with cabinets with millions of tiny little drawers. He studies them for a minute, opens one, takes out a screw and compares it to mine, and says, here it is. I asked how much, he thought a second, and then said, how about a nickel. God, I loved that place.

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