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  • Anon NS

    Have we discussed the oddity of them both going up in flames previously?

    • Anon NS

      Seriously. I’m confused. Are these two restaurants both owned by the same people? Did the both burn down at the same time in October 2016? And they are both opening up a week apart, freshly remodeled? Do I have that correct? Wow. That’s some luck.

      • Chris

        Different owners

    • danger dave

      It’s quite common for a small business to do this to get insurance paid for renovations.

      • Anon NS

        I didn’t want to be accusatory. But if I was the insurance carrier, I would take a close read of the fire report. Of course, could totally be a coincidence. Or these could be unaffiliated restaurants – the name is just similar.

  • Nancy

    Happy Happy! This is where we lived after Omega burned down. (why did our fav restaurants keep burning down?)

  • LucyChong

    from WaPo:

    El Rincon Espanol
    1826 Columbia Rd. NW
    Closed March 29 because of insects, rodents and other pests. Reopened April 4.


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