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Breakfast Coming to Bub and Pop’s!!! Check Out the Breakfast Sandwich

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2017 at 11:30 am 12 Comments

1815 M Street, NW

Not just at The Chickery!!

Thanks to a reader for sending from Bub and Pop’s:

“Mon. April 24 – check back later today for information about breakfast at Bub and Pop’s.”

I shall compulsively check and update as soon as more info is released.




“Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25, we will begin offering breakfast at Bub and Pop’s.

Breakfast will be served from 8:00 am to 11 am, Monday thru Friday. On Saturday’s we will still open from 11 am to 4 pm – sorry, no breakfast hours or sandwiches on Saturday’s.

Our breakfast sandwich has a fried egg, bacon, arugula, Roma tomato, mayo and aged provolone cheese all on 1/2 of our roll – $5

Here’s what the sandwich looks like…

sandwich breafast bp

Our Breakfast Sandwich —Fried Egg, Bacon, Arugula, Roma Tomato, Mayo and Aged Provolone on our ½ roll: $5.00

• Each Additional Meat – $1
• Add a Veggie – $.50 ea

Pete’s Potatoes: $4 w/caramelized onion, chives, pecorino Romano

Fruit Salad: $2.50/$5

Bread Pudding: $4 (cinnamon bun bread pudding)

Juices: $3.00
Hot Tea: 12oz $2.50, 16oz $2.90
Vigilante Hot Coffee: 12oz $2.50, 16oz $2.90
Milk and Chocolate Milk $3.00

Our eggs are cooked fresh to order, out of the shell, not out of a plastic bag or tube!

Did you notice that Bread Pudding is on the menu? I’m sure there are more than a few of you that hope we don’t sell out at breakfast time.

We hope to see you for breakfast Monday thru Friday’s from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

All our best,

Bub and Pop’s”

  • anon

    Didn’t they try this before? Never made it in the last time…

  • joe

    They had breakfast for a bit a year or two ago. I wondered why it went away…

    • MadMax

      Yes, it was very good for a brief period. They were hit by a string of several tragic events shortly thereafter and scaled back their operations as a whole for a while. Glad to see things resuming, they are great people.

      • Truxton Thomas

        +1. They are a blessing.

  • Anonymous

    Is water ice like Hawaiin Shaved Ice? Love this place!

    • MadMax

      No it’s a bit different than shave ice, a lot more liquid. I think it’s a Philly thing.

      • Truxton Thomas

        I think it extends as far south as Delaware. Pronounced “wooder ice.”

        • jumpingjack

          Yes, that the correct pronunciation of water.
          Despite having grown up in the DC area, I picked up a little of my father’s Philly accent.

    • Commentator

      It’s Italian ice, just referred to as water ice around Philly.

      • saf

        I always ask my husband, who is from the Philly area, what would you make ice from, other than water? He cannot explain it.

  • DJT

    I had the breakfast when they gave it a shot a little while ago. Really glad it’s back, it was great! Big League! TERRIFIC!

  • kallie

    fingers crossed for taylor ham. or pork roll – for the philly folks.


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