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“Any advice on Prosecution for Assault & Battery and Trespassing”

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2017 at 12:25 pm 61 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

“Dear PoPville,

This past Saturday afternoon I was in my backyard uncoiling my hose for spring and my next door neighbor (we share a corner so our yards butt up against each other) came outside, started screaming at me, ran over, jumped over our fence, punched me in the face, and then ran away. This incident was completely unprovoked. It was quite the turn of events and the whole encounter lasted maybe 7 seconds. I almost never see this neighbor and have never spoken to him. We’ve tried to say hello but he has always ignored us. I know he has a wife/girlfriend and toddler but we never see them oustide. None of our neighbors know this family either and we’re not sure if they own the house or are renting. We live in a very quiet neighborhood in Ward 7 so this sort of thing is unheard of. My wife was inside with our baby and dog and they came running out to see what the deal was since the guy was shouting so loud they could hear him from upstairs. By that time he had already run back into his house. Our dog was going nuts and we are all still a little shaken up.

Anyway, we called 911 and he was arrested and hauled off to jail but of course was out by the next day. I also went to the ER and got treated and have had several follow-up medical appointments since Saturday. He came by 4 times on Sunday to knock/bang on our door and we called 911 again and the police came and told him to leave us alone. He told the police he was schizophrenic.

I have zero faith that the DC criminal justice system will do anything. I plan to file a CPO and know about the DC Crime Victims Compensation Program. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a criminal attorney that could assist with the prosecution of this guy. I doubt I can get any restitution through a civil suit but would be more than happy to pay a criminal attorney to make sure this individual receives the maximum sentence under DC law. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I should also add the obligatory DC police analysis and say that the 6th District officers that responded both times were professional, courteous, and sympathetic to our situation. The police also patrol our neighborhood regularly.”


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