Acre 121 Closing in Columbia Heights May 1st Renovations and New Collaboration with Hilton Brothers Coming Soon

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2017 at 10:30 am 37 Comments

acre 121
14th and Irving Street, NW

End of a mini-era – Acre 121 took over the former Commonwealth (remember Commonwealth?!?) space back in 2011. And May 1st they will close for a couple months for renovations. When they reopen, there will be a completely new restaurant bar collaboration with the current owners and Ian and Eric Hilton. Ian and Eric have one or two other spots around town. Stay tuned for many more details but in the meantime get your last taste of Acre 121 this week!

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  • KenyonDweller

    Does this mean no Seahawks games?

    • Alec Leamas

      As of this morning, the NFL still hasn’t cancelled any Seahawks games.

      • KenyonDweller

        I’m not sure if you’re trying to be funny or if you just don’t understand that Acre 121 showed every Seahawk game.

        • Anonymous

          Depending on far along they are in the permit process, closing on May 1st gives them a solid four months for renovations. That’s a ton of time before the season starts in September. It is possible that the new bar won’t be interested in being a watch party location, but if they have TVs then it’s pretty easy money to keep the status quo.

      • Patrick Division

        Wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL cancels Seahawks games after determining that the offensive line doesn’t meet “pro” standards and may be a threat to Russell Wilson’s life.

    • Anonthony

      Can’t you just watch them at home?

      • KenyonDweller

        Only the ones that are broadcast locally. I’m not interested in paying extra to get all the games. Besides, Acre 121 becomes Seahawks central on Sundays, and it’s nice to watch the games in a crowd of fans.

    • PettyShabazz

      Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is a Seahawks bar

      • Kelly

        Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is a hybrid Seahawks/Broncos bar which I find to be awkward. Acre 121 is the real home of the Seattle 12s. Home the new place continues the tradition!

  • U st.

    I loved this place back in 2013 or so. The Louisiana HH was awesome. Their food/prices were awesome. Then they did this mini change and took away the HH, raised their prices, the atmosphere seemed less vibrant and more dark. It lost its cheery charm.

  • adios

    Went there once when I was pregnant. Got a drink of seltzer & cranberry juice, husband had a beer. They charged me for both the seltzer and the juice, making it more more expensive than his beer. Standard dispenser mixers, too–not like they opened a mini bottle of seltzer and some craft cranberry juice. Never went back.

    • thor

      they may have been dispenser mixers but were mixed together by a mixologist.

      • MadMax

        …as part of their seltzer program.

    • Truxton Thomas

      This angers me.

  • dcd

    I miss Commonwealth! Never really got into Acre 121, despite the fact that it was a block away.

    • Anonthony

      I forgot all about Commonwealth. It was sooooo good when it first opened! Then they slowly dumbed it down over time, for a clientele that apparently didn’t have a firm appreciation for good English ales and pub fare.

      • DCrat

        Agreed. But I went there more than I have the Acre.

    • CathedralHeightsMetro

      I forgot about that place, too! I lived around the corner for years. Commonwealth wasn’t outstanding, but I definitely preferred it over Acre.

  • MadMax

    I always found that place to be terrible, I’m really surprised it’s lasted this long.

  • Anon

    Place was definitely the definition of mediocrity, but I thought they always had some poor souls in there drinking. Guess that wasn’t enough.

    • Petworth dude

      Yeah, this place was pretty unremarkable. I went there a handful of times for concerts and maybe a few happy hours but that’s it. Really nothing to set it apart from Lou’s next door or the plethora of places to go in and around Columbia Heights.

      • U st.

        Don’t Acre and Lou’s have the same owners or management? I remember a waiter telling me that one time. It could have changed….or not been true…

    • and

      last time we were there the place was so sad. they ruined my brisket (it was like beef jerky-had the cooks ever eaten good brisket of any kind?) and the place was empty but for what looked like lost tourists. When we have our dining scene, such as it is, it’s hard to imagine a poorly run bad version of southern food dominates one of the biggest restaurant spots near CH Metro.

      • TX2DC

        Well, this area is 95% chain stores for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      The drink specials during Tuesday trivia weren’t that bad, but outside of the weekend and trivia it did seem pretty empty.

      • anon

        It’s an hour earlier, which may be a non-starter for some, but I always preferred the Tuesday trivia nights at the Coupe to Acre 121.

  • MtP

    This is great news. Acre 121 was unambiguously and unarguably terrible.

    • Ben

      This, +1,000,000

  • Something Like Anonanon

    This bums me out because I loved going there to see local bands.

  • I Like Turtles

    The vibe and the people that worked at Acre 121 were second to none. This place was a great creative space for local bands/comedians and music in general and will be sorely missed.

    What won’t be missed is their food, which did not stand out in an ever crowded and competitive DC restaurant scene.

    This is the start of a DC peak restaurant situation, as more places will rapidly close throughout the year as restaurant sales are being spread across too thin across more and more restaurants. Only the well executed concepts and well funded places will be able to survive.

    • RD

      Yep, the bartenders are fantastic and I love them! I hope they get to stay because I will miss my Sunday afternoons with them every so often.

  • Mt P

    I do hope the new concept continues to host live music, but that was basically the only redeeming element of this place IMO. Otherwise a totally unremarkable concept that felt like a dingy basement.

    On the flip side, given the Hilton Bros association, I hope this doesn’t become a bastion of d-baggery.

    • saf

      It will be. And it will have mediocre food.

  • Sads

    Another signal of leaving my 20s. Left D.C. nine months ago for a more affordable city, and slowly the old haunts are going away.
    Went here for many happy hours with my bf when we lived in the Woodner. What’d I’d give to yell at drivers crossing over to Target.

  • Jakeondc

    you know their days are numbered when you see them hosting painting parties…

  • Sully

    Bring back Commonwealth!


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