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4 Car Crash in Columbia Heights around 7pm

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2017 at 8:32 pm 9 Comments

11th and Lamont St, NW

Thanks to Michael for sending just after 7pm.


And from Twitter:

  • jphammer78

    It was a stolen van. He sped past me up 11th when I was in front of wonderland ballroom. He was going 50-60mph with a cop chasing him. He hit a car crossing the Lamont street and crashed into 2 parked cars. He got out of the van and ran away around the corner and through an ally.

    • CPT_Doom

      That makes sense. I came by the accident last night and could not understand how so much damage could be done by someone driving at a typical 11th ST speed. Should have known.

  • Concerned neighbor

    I passed the scene of this crash at 6:03 on my way to work (a few doors down). I got there likely within a few minutes if it happening. I was grateful that I was a few minutes late to work as I usually park my bike at the bike rack shown right next to the silver van, and had I been on time I may have been smashed (or at least my bike would have been!)

    I’m glad it sounds like no one was injured. Someone at my work saw the crash happen and said the police were looking for a suspect and had been in the alley behind out building with their guns out. I was told the driver sped out from the alley across the street and that’s when this happened. The driver fled the scene on foot apparently.

    I spoke with an officer who was still on the scene around 8pm and I asked I verified that the suspect ran away on foot. I asked the officer if they caught the suspect and he said no. I asked if they had chased after him and this officer told me “we’re not allowed to chase”. Huh? The POLICE are not allowed to chase a criminal on foot??? I could understand not chasing at high speeds to not endanger the public (which is what I thought he meant) but he says you can’t even follow the guy on foot. It makes no sense. He said it to me twice so I didn’t mis-hear anything. Does anyone have any idea if this is true and what this is about? If that’s the case then there are so many criminals that can literally get away with murder just by running from the cops? I really don’t understand.

    The commenter below even says the police were chasing him at 50-60mph. Why would they not be allowed to chase someone on foot???

    • GBinCH

      I’m curious to know as well. Are cops not allowed to chase and, if so, why? Is this a situation where chasing might create a more dangerous situation? I.e. the suspect pulling and shooting a gun?

    • welp

      Of course they chase on foot. You obviously misheard the officer.

    • anonymous

      I’m pretty sure you misheard. Also- for the record they are allowed to chase but only under certain circumstances. ie: a violent crime was committed. They are not allowed to chase for regular traffic offenses.

    • Hstreeter

      They can only chase with District-level approval. Most car chases are off the book and against department reg. They’re are also limits on chasing on foot in high income areas because folks often complain about police in their yards or waving guns around.

    • Hstreeter

      Also, lots of of the cops in nicer districts, especially during the day, tend to be the 8 hours and done type. Chasing would have involved a.) effort b.) a bunch of paperwork c.) the car thief would have been released the next day.

      • Concerned neighbor

        Wow that’s crazy, Hstreeter! It seems like there would be so many criminals just on the loose if they can’t chase them. Why would he have been released the next day? In this case there was at least one officer with his gun out in the alley looking for the suspect, so not sure if Columbia Heights is one of the high income areas or not.

        anonymous, thanks for the info. I’m not sure where this crime falls since it was not violent (as far as I know), but it was not just a normal traffic incident. He stole a car then wrecked it and totaled 3 other cars so it definitely involved other people and they could have been seriously hurt. I hear there were people on the sidewalk who had to literally jump out of the way of the cars coming at them.


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