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“Wondering if its realistic to think that we could find a realtor who could help us home shop in various DMV suburbs?”

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2017 at 2:45 pm 23 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

After 11 years in DC my partner and I are relocating to Maryland or Virginia (partner’s company is restructuring and they will get to choose between a couple of locations in Virginia.)

Wondering if its realistic to think that we could find a realtor who could help us home shop in various DMV suburbs such as Annandale, Sterling, Leesburg, and Ft. Washington or if we need to isolate a specific area first? Also open to realtor recommendations for anyone who has recently purchased a home in those areas.”

  • anon

    I always recommend redfin. Way cheaper than other brokerages, and they only get work if they get good reviews. They have access to the same data as everyone else.

    • Andie302

      If you’re a buyer, I would not recommend Redfin. Many traditional agents (who have good listings that you may be interested in) do not like Redfin, and if all else was equal for a competitive property you could lose out based on that choice. I cannot speak to the quality of service. You should be able to find an agent who can help you in multiple areas. I would start with the ones listed in below!

      • VC_MP

        I don’t agree that Redfin isn’t great for buyers. Given the customer service model, they’re incredibly responsive, and I know that virtually all of my offers were the first received on a property, beating out traditional agents. If a seller’s agent recommends against Redfin deals across the board, they’re not doing their clients any favors given its popularity here now. The 1% cash back at closing helped, too.

        • anonymous

          hate to say it but being the first offer in on a property isn’t necessarily a good thing…in fact the seller could probably posture your offers out to get the best they could from other “traditional agents” – i wouldn’t use that as a plus. Now the 1% cash back at closing is something that most traditional agents probably don’t compete with.

        • Andie302

          Like I said, I can’t speak to the quality of service – but are you making multiple offers because you’re being beat out repeatedly? I understand their model, but any good agent should be responsive. Agree with below that your offer could be used as leverage for other higher offers as well. Were you successful in purchasing with redfin? (I’m genuinely curious – I got my real estate license in part to save $ on my own transactions, and I see how the redfin option is more attractive than doing that – but I still don’t recommend it for buyers.)

      • Grumpy old bastard

        I think Redfin is great for buyers and for sellers. I don’t think Redfin is great for realtors. Let’s face it, at a day and age when information is so transparent and readily available and where so much of the legwork is done online by the buyers, how can you justify paying a full 6% in commission on a standard purchase? It’s not like the days where a realtor could let you know about a house before it got printed in the classifieds section. And if a selling agent would make selling to a non-Redfin buyer a priority, rather than focusing on the dollars and cents and likelihood of an offer coming through, well, it’s all the more reason to hope for the demise of that industry.

        • Whit

          As it was explained to me, Redfin realtors make their fee model work by taking on more clients/listings. It is a lower price, higher volume profit model. So “traditional” agents don’t like working with them because there is a perception that the “traditional” agent has to step up to do more work to compensate for the Redfin agent being stretch too thin/less responsive/less complete with paperwork, etc.

          Take it with a grain of salt, as that was explained to me by a traditional realtor who is clearly not unbiased. But when I think about it personally, if I’m a top performer would I rather get paid more to do less work or get paid less and work more?

  • Realist

    For 3% out of the other guy’s end you can certainly find a realtor to do that sort of work.

  • anon

    My guess is Sterling and Leesburg would be one realtor and Annandale and Ft. Washington would be another.
    A realtor will happily tell you they’ll help with an area outside of the area they know best, but it’s not likely going to be the best service.

    • textdoc

      Another potential issue (beyond expertise in different geographical areas) is that not all realtors will be licensed in all the relevant jurisdictions — someone might be licensed in DC and VA, but not in MD.

  • JPinDC

    I’d recommend Shane Reeder at Compass. He’s licensed in DC, MD, and VA. He’s very client-focused and goes out of his way to educate himself about specific areas of interest if he isn’t already familiar.

  • Leigh

    We just used Eric Broermann to move from DC to Maryland and he was fantastic. He knows the Virginia market as well. Check him out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/residentialelite/

  • Anon

    It sure is and even if one is not licensed in one area, he/she can most likely refer you to an associate that is. We used Robin Cale of McNearney Associates to buy in VA and she referred us to Brett West at McNearney Associates to sell our D.C. home (because she is not licensed in DC). Both were fabulous and provided exceptional service. I believe Brett is licensed in DC and MD. Not sure about VA.

  • Koki Fan!

    I recommend Koki Adasi of Koki & Associates (of Long & Foster). Koki is incredible, and he has a fabulous team of fellow realtors and client coordinators who make you feel like the king or queen of the real estate hunt. They are so modern and fresh and help make the process of searching for and buying a home more fun. They’re super knowledgeable of the area (Koki grew up in MD and has lived in DC for many years now). My husband and I have worked with him 5+ times in the past decade, and our family circle as a whole continues to work with him. I think he and his colleagues would be able to help you in all areas.

  • matthew santos for president

    You can absolutely find a good realtor licensed in DC, MD, and VA who will help you with this. That said, I would suggest using open houses and test commutes and walking around various neighborhoods to see if you feel comfortable shortening your list first. If not, no problem but for me, house hunting was flat out exhausting and it is hard to see a lot of places without making it a full time (or full weekend) job. Things started to become hard to compare and I wouldn’t have had the stamina to look in such geographically dispersed areas (of course your mileage and energy level may vary).

    • Anon

      Totally agree with this! Go to open houses. Figure out the areas and test commutes first. When I decided to move back to VA, I thought I wouldn’t mind a longer commute to get more for the money. Boy, was I wrong. Sitting in traffic on route 50 on a Sunday was dreadful. I can only imagine during the week. If I had a realtor taking me all around falls church and out towards Fairfax, I would have felt like I was wasting his or her time. I came around to the realization that I can live with a smaller place in a neighborhood closer to my job in DC and then gave that narrowed down list of two or three areas to the realtor.

  • stacksp

    My job is moving to the burbs as well. New facility is already under construction. Ill be facing a similar situation unless I decide to reverse commute which is how I am leaning right now.

  • ledroit girl

    Contact Evan Johnson at their website evanandmark.com. His team is probably the best in the DMV.

  • E

    I would highly recommend Luke Rozansky of The Rozansky Group (Long and Foster). He is extremely helpful and patient and is great at finding people their dream homes. https://www.facebook.com/RozanskyRealEstate/

  • Tamra

    Contact Judy Cranford of Cranford & Associates. She helped me decide on a new home & I looked at D.C., va, and Md. she also helped me sell my D.C. Condo in 12 hours over asking! I bought in Alex.

  • Charlie

    Check out Molly McDowell at Long and Foster’s Georgetown office. She’s licensed in DC, MD, and VA.

  • PetworthGuy

    Liberty Properties in Arlington serves all of those locations – had a great experience with them!!! Contact Julie Zelaska!

  • Capster

    I highly recommend Wendy Messenger with Keller Williams. She was great, and was helpful as we tried to sort through neighborhoods in NOVA, MD, and the District. She helped us both with selling our condo as well as finding a great new home in MD.


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