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UPDATE: Reopened! “Trader Joe’s at 25th & L NW is closed because their business license expired today”

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2017 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

fg trader joe
last month at 25th and L St, NW

Update: “it was open and operating as usual around 3pm”

C’mon Trader Joe’s get your shit together. All joking aside, please still come to Glover Park.

Emily reports around 2:15pm:

“Trader Joe’s at 25th & L NW is closed because their business license expired today and they’re waiting for the new one to come in. A very apologetic employee was standing out front telling people. Seems avoidable. Sounded like they were hoping it would come in today; the employee I spoke with said it was temporary.”

  • ST21

    Normally I’d laugh at this but after just getting back from the DCRA I actually feel bad for this TJ’s. I spent 4 hours there, nothing got done, and have to go back again tomorrow because most employees are gone by 2 or 3 over there. It’s a circus.

    • kwilkat

      This is a corporation and most likely their lawyer or accountant could have done most of the renewal online. But I feel your pain, actual person dealing with DCRA in real life.

      • FridayGirl

        +1. I know nothing about what actually happened but my speculation would veer further in the direction of “Someone in DCRA didn’t do their job” as opposed to TJ’s forgetting something.

        • been there!!

          I agree with ST21. when I tried to renew our Business License online, DCRA kept on asking for the reference number on the renewal letter they sent us. I never received the letter. They said they would resend it, I never received it again. It took a couple calls and a visit until finally I received the letter, and was able to renew the license. when you renew online, the website asks for a reference code that is sent by mail. It is not as straightforward as some people would think.

  • Sarah

    Huh, I was there around 8:45AM this morning

    • KW

      I think they began closing the store sometime around 12:30 p.m. I came by at that time and they were putting cones out in front of the parking garage blocking access. So it was probably open for some time in the morning.

  • Rich

    Circus it may be, but this isn’t a routine occurrence among 1000s of other DC businesses….

  • Ross

    Too bad. It’s gonna be months before DCRA gets around to issuing them a new business license. Ha.


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