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Today’s Rental is “street level in front, english basement in rear”

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2017 at 2:15 pm 19 Comments


This rental is located at New Hampshire Ave at Upshur St, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$1900 / 2br – 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom first floor apartment

Spacious apartment on the first floor (street level in front, english basement in rear) with great light and space. Two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Stainless steel appliances – including a dishwasher – in the kitchen. Washer/dryer, good sized closets, kitchen island and large living/dining area.

Less than half a mile from the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro station and the 64 bus stops out front.

Great neighborhood – Petworth Citizen, Hank’s Cocktail Bar, Yes! Organic, Safeway, Upshur Street Books, and Slash Run all within walking distance.

Available to show evenings/weekends.”

  • textdoc

    The claim of “first floor in front, English basement in rear” sounds a little dubious (and possibly disingenous) to me. From the few photos (there are none of the exterior), it looks like an English basement apartment where someone has done a partial (or complete) digout of the front so that the _walkway_ is at street level.
    Still, that amount for a 2BD/2BA strikes me as probably a good deal. I wonder whether the bedrooms are both tiny?

  • Leeran

    Unless the bedrooms are unexpectedly small, this is a fair price for the area.

  • FridayGirl

    I could be wrong, but I feel like something must be weird about this for it to be that price….

    • Wednesday Addams-Morgan

      Looks about right for the area to me actually, it’s a good ways up from the metro. I still see basement 1BRs go for $1000 up there. Especially if the landlord just lives upstairs and doesn’t own any other properties.

      (Also, Petworth is pretty hilly up there so my guess is the house is built into the hill, and that’s why the front is at street level but the back isn’t.)

      Love the shout out to Slash Run too…ha!

      • maxwell smart

        Really? It’s less than 1/2 mile to the metro. That seems pretty dang close to me.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. I think either WAM is thinking this is up near Slash Run or WAM has a different definition of “a good ways up”. 0.4 miles is pretty close in my book.

          • Elkhaert

            Eh, maybe I am partial since I live right by Slash Run, but I don’t think that it really that much of a “good ways up” either. When I read that comment before reading the listing for the location, I was picturing something up above Sherman circle. Grant is nothing.

          • Wednesday Addams-Morgan

            Yeah I think I was thinking this was closer to Slash Run! My bad.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Seems like a pretty great deal to me, I’d move there if I could!

      • Elkhaert

        “A good ways” from the metro? I’d strongly disagree, to me that is right by the metro. :) It on Upshur, that is a ten minute walk to the metro maximum, if you walk super slow.
        I’d say the reason it is lower is that it is physically on Upshur, which is a high traffic street. But the convenience of being on the restaurant street for Petworth may should outweigh that you are like three minutes from tons of options there) should counteract that some.
        I dunno, sub 2K for a 2 bed at that location seems like a hell of a deal. I also agree that there must be something weird we aren’t seeing. Or else they might not have a CoO? Not sure.

        • Elkhaert

          I was poking around, I think it might be on New Hampshire actually, but the same busy street logic applies. Still seems like a great deal though.

  • Bena

    I looked at this place while I was apartment hunting last month. It’s really nice! I’m surprised it hasn’t been rented! Only read I didn’t was I added a 3rd roommate. It is a street level entrance, very convenient. The bedrooms are odd shaped but totally doable and the bathrooms are great. I’d recommend to anyone.

  • LCinDC

    It looks like perhaps the second “bedroom” is a small room with doorway through the first bedroom??

    • anon

      I was thinking that was one bedroom divided into two spaces – due to the place having 2 bathrooms, I figured there’s another bedroom not pictured. But, if you can’t take decent photos of each room and post them, people will (not unreasonably) assume the worst, so I’m not surprised it hasn’t rented.

      And, whatever an English basement is, it is generally the lower floor of a row house that is at least 50% ABOVE ground. This looks like a regular basement, not even an English one, given the high tiny window visible in the photo of the bedroom – like the basement windows of any house I’ve ever lived in with just that few feet above ground to allow for those tiny windows. And for sure, they dug out the front entrance. Which doesn’t make it an English basement – which isn’t to say it may not be a decent basement apartment, as noted above by one who saw it. Though likely not a legal one, given that high window.

  • Herewegoagain

    It’s an apartment mullet!!

    • CS

      Ha, ha, I was going to post something similar – beat me to it!

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Oh, dammit, should have read the comments first. Glad to see there’s more than one of us with a sick sense of humor!

  • Elvis’s Mom

    It’s like a rental version of a mullet.

  • saf

    Is this the house on the SE corner of the NH and Upshur intersection?


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