Take Me Out to the Ball Game… Buy Me Some Tater Tots and Craft Cocktails (via App) Wait, What?

by Prince Of Petworth March 29, 2017 at 11:30 am 43 Comments

new at nats park
Photo by PoPville flickr user Tim Brown

New at Nats Park this year from a media fact sheet:

“The Nationals have partnered with Major League Baseball to launch a customized App to enhance the guest experience at Nationals Park. Fans will be able to access the App via “Ballpark” on the App Store and Google Play starting on Opening Day.

o Order Concessions with Express Pickup:
– Using the Ballpark App, fans will have the ability to order concessions via their phone, skip the line and enjoy express pickup at select locations*

– The App will help fans locate concessions stands, and fans will have the ability to re-order from previous orders with just one tap.

– *Will not be available on Opening Day, but a launch date will be announced in the coming weeks; express pick-up will be at select locations

Wi-Fi at Nationals Park

o During the offseason, the Nationals nearly doubled the number of Wi-Fi access points throughout the ballpark. This will create better Wi-Fi coverage with faster data speeds for all fans that attend Nationals games, MLB Jewel events and concerts at the ballpark.

Swing Big Beer Pen

o Introduced last season as part of the partnership with Anheuser-Busch, a brand new sign was created and installed for the Swing Big Beer Pen, located in the Budweiser Terrace.

o Swing Big Beer Pen will continue to offer $5 Budweiser and Bud Light beer for Happy Hours during homestands, beginning when first gates open until 30 minutes before first pitch.

Goose Island Pub
o During the offseason, the Nationals renovated the Goose Island Pub in Section 113. The existing bar has been replaced with a four sided bar that will have room for six bartenders, and will now serve additional craft beer offerings from Goose Island.

Norfolk Southern Club

o The Nationals installed brand new bars throughout the Norfolk Southern Club during the offseason in order to increase speed of service for fans. The bars feature quartz countertops and have been redesigned to allow for an additional bartender to serve guests.

o The Nationals also put new shades on the windows in the Norfolk Southern Club to create an even more comfortable environment for fans.

Delta Sky360 Club
o New carpet and lighting has been installed throughout the Delta Sky 360 Club to help create a better gameday experience for fans.
o Delta branding was enhanced throughout the space, including the installation of Delta’s signature Diamond Wall, which is found in most Delta Clubs across sports venues.
Nationals Main Team Store
o The Nationals enhanced the Main Team Store in Center Field Plaza during the offseason in an effort to provide a better shopping experience for fans. The store now includes an updated kids section, modernized ‘47 Brand and New Era sections, and more products from gift lines such as Dooney and Burke, Stance and Vineyard Vines.


Distilleries of the DMV

o Distilleries of the DMV will offer cocktails on-draft made with spirits distilled within The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. These fresh cocktails will be available for fans at two locations in Nationals Park, Sections 112 and 135.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Left Field Lodge

o The Nationals are thrilled to unveil the Devils Backbone Left Field Lodge, a Devils Backbone Brewing Company beverage stand in Nationals Park.

o The rustic design elements of the Left Field Lodge were inspired by the Devils Backbone Breweries in Virginia. The area will also include picnic tables for fans to enjoy their brews and great views atop Nationals Park.

o Located at the lookout of Section 301, the new stand will feature a variety of Devils Backbone brews, including the newly-introduced ERA (Earned Run Ale), the Nationals’ flagship brew, created in collaboration with Devils Backbone.

– This special brew is a pale ale that leverages a light, bready malt base to highlight bright, fresh, hop aromas and flavors.

– ERA will be available on-tap in Section 301 and at other locations throughout the ballpark. Rum Runners

o The Nationals’ brand-new mojito cart, Rum Runners, will serve refreshing mojito cocktails throughout the season in Center Field Plaza.

o Flavors will include a Classic Mojito with freshly muddled mint, a Nationals red One Pursuit Mojito with strawberries, a Hot Stove Mojito with dark rum, and a Summer League Mojito made with pineapple.


o Anheuser-Busch’s alcoholic seltzer water, SpikedSeltzer, will be available at the ballpark starting this season for fans. The 16-ounce cans will be offered in lime and grapefruit flavors, and will be available for purchase at bars and concession carts throughout the ballpark.


See. You. Tater.
o The Nationals are excited to announce a new chicken wings and tater tots concession stand for the 2017 season.

o The name, See. You. Tater., is a combination of the home run call of Nationals’ play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter and one of color commentator F.P. Santangelo’s favorite baseball terms.

o Located near Section 106, the stand will serve several varieties of tater tots, including Chesapeake Bay, Steakhouse, Backyard BBQ and Buffalo flavors. Their delicious wing flavors will include Traditional Buffalo, Sweet & Spicy BBQ, Lemon Garlic Butter, Old Bay and Mango Caribbean Jerk.

Old Hickory BBQ
o New for 2017, fans in the Norfolk Southern Club will be able to enjoy savory barbeque at Old Hickory BBQ in Section 210.

o The menu will include a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, BBQ brisket sandwich, smokehouse dog and a smoked baked potato.

On Rye Babka Ice Cream Sandwich Cart
o Following a successful launch in 2016, On Rye quickly became a crowd favorite for its delicious deli meats and refreshing babka ice cream sandwiches.

o New for 2017, fans throughout the ballpark will now be able to enjoy these popular frozen treats with the new On Rye Babka Ice Cream Sandwich Cart located in Section 114.

o The Babka Ice Cream Sandwich selection will be expanding to include a variety of ice cream and babka flavor combinations.


Chicken Fried Steak at Virginia Country Kitchen
o Chicken Fried Steak will now be available at Virginia Country Kitchen! The stand will continue to serve delicious biscuits, mac-n-cheese and Virginia Crunch in Sections 130 and 315.
Marinated Chicken Skewers at Change-Up Chicken

o In addition to buffalo chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches and wraps, marinated chicken skewers will now be available at Change-Up Chicken in Sections 110 and 129.
Italian Sausage Burger

o The Nationals are excited to introduce the Italian Sausage Burger this season. The burger will include an Italian sausage patty with provolone cheese, caramelized onions and peppers on a potato roll. It will be available at the Grand Slam Grill in Sections 110 and 141 and Georgetown Grill in Section 129.”

  • hungeegirl

    “Wi-Fi at Nationals Park

    o During the offseason, the Nationals nearly doubled the number of Wi-Fi access points throughout the ballpark. This will create better Wi-Fi coverage with faster data speeds for all fans that attend Nationals games, MLB Jewel events and concerts at the ballpark.”

    Seriously? Put down your phone and watch the game you paid to attend. UNPLUG for just 3 hours. it’s possible.

    • MadMax

      There are a lot of people who attend baseball games with corporate functions or because one of their family members is asking (making) them go who have zero interest in the actual game.

      • skj84

        +1000. I like the social aspect of the game, but thats about it. I will pay attention, but its not the only reason I attend.

        • FridayGirl

          Another +1000 to this. The only times I have been to baseball games was for the social aspect (although admittedly not in DC yet, but I’d like to go this summer!)

          • maxwell smart

            You have to go! It’s so easy to find cheap seats on StubHub and then just hang out in any number of bars in the stadium, which all have great views of the game. Never visit your seat the entire game!

      • CE

        I actually enjoy the atmosphere at Nats Park and go often because the experience is fun, but I couldn’t care less about baseball itself. A lot of my friends are the same. They make plenty of money by catering to non-fans!

      • saf

        And somehow they all seem to end up around me, standing and chatting and blocking my view of the game.

        • madmonk28

          +1,000 and oblivious that other people are trying to watch the game.

    • ajr

      I would normally agree with this 100% but as soon a I read that you can order food through the express app my thoughts was, “Great, more time for baseball instead of waiting in lines but the wifi there never works.” So the wifi might actually enable fans of the game to see more of it.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t need wi-fi to use an app though.

        • skj84

          true, but depending on your cell service it makes it easier to use. I have Sprint which can be buggy as all get out sometimes.

          • Anonymous

            true, but so can free wi-fi.

        • ajr

          Sigh. This whole thread is a reminder of how much people love to turn things into a negative as often as possible. My service at Nats Park is spotty as hell.

    • CHGal

      Did you know you can look up baseball stats and trivia on the internet? You can! I was at a game last season, and in about the 6th or 7th, the friend I was with (who was keeping score) asked me what was the Nationals record for most Ks in a game. Since I didn’t know, I was able to use the Nats Park wifi to find out. As Max approached the record, they made no mention of it on the scoreboard (didn’t want to jinx it), so the wifi definitely enhanced our enjoyment of the game.

      Also, it’s funny to suggest that putting down your phone at a game is a way to “unplug” when the field is literally surrounded by electronic screens.

      • +1. I don’t use my phone a lot at games, but probably once a game for precisely this reason (especially when wanting to confirm which player was traded to what team)

      • navyard

        Also useful for when a call is being decided and you can’t tell from the seats what’s happening. I’ve been to two games where play was suspended for minutes while the umps decided on the call. No one in the stands knew what was happening — except those with access to a Twitter feed or the MLB app.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Some people also like to listen the radio broadcast as they watch the game. Wifi helps save data usage for them, and my guess is they are paying closer attention to the game than OP.

      • So, Just Sayin’

        THANK YOU! I’m not a baseball fan, but I do go to Caps games a lot, and I similarly find that the game is enhanced by digital access to information — player stats, milestones, updates, and a whole larger conversation with fans beyond just the fans in your immediate vicinity.

  • Cleveland Park runner

    This is so exciting.
    It’s our year!

    • dcd

      Not if our pitching staff stays healthy it isn’t.
      Let’s Go Mets!

      • iHawkeye

        I think you meant it’s your year if the Nats rotation doesn’t stay healthy. Stras was on the mend most of the season and we didn’t have Ross for the second half. Then there’s our offense which was the 4th highest with Bryce’s offensive production basically ending after the Cubs walked him 11 times which in case you missed it, he’s got a 1.290 OBP and leading spring training with 8hr so yeah I think he’s likely to be back to his 2015 production.

  • Michael Pierce

    So happy to hear they’re finally getting it together and supporting the Ballpark app. Other teams have allowed you to use it for entry to the game and in-seat concessions ordering for years.
    On the other hand, I have a really, REALLY hard time believing this express pickup concept is going to work. Some of the concessions employees have great difficulty performing the most basic functions behind the counter. Like when you stand in the eCash express line just to be ignored for an inning while other customers are served. Or running out of the basics like hot dogs in the middle of the game. I just can’t see this working out very well.

    • Fancypants

      Agreed. express pickup will be a complete disaster.

    • MtP

      Completely agree, especially early in the season. I will stick to the eCash lines and not mess around with this in-app ordering. I am excited about some of the other changes, though!

    • Anonymous

      The Nats started using the Ballpark app last year. Tickets from the two deals they offered – get to see all games in a month for a fixed price – could only be accessed through the app. I did find it weird that the app wasn’t super useful beyond that.

  • Belinskaya

    Alcoholic seltzer water? WTF? Just bring back Zima if that’s your goal, InBev.

  • MadMax

    Some of the food options definitely sound ballpark worthy, and any additional alcohol options other than $5 Bud-product “deals” is certainly a good thing. Hopefully the mojitos don’t suck.

  • maxwell smart

    Awesome! I remember a few years back they had a different app where you could order from your seat, but then they discontinued it. Does this mean all the concession (food) vendors are participating? I would love to avoid the Shake Shack line if at all possible! Oh man… I’m getting so excited just thinking about baseball season!

    • skj84

      Shake Shack has its own designated app, though I’m not sure if Nats Park is on it.

  • Crazyquilt

    Call me old-fashioned, but when I go to a game, all I need are a couple of cheap dogs and a beer (or three). Too bad the owners seem more interested in throwing $$ at glamming up the park instead of slightly lowering the price of some of the concessions. Sigh.

    • CHGal

      Well, they still have hot dogs and beer. Also, if you go to a lot of games, you want to mix it up.

    • maxwell smart

      I for one am happy there are options – cater to many tastes, not just typical ballpark food.

    • skj84

      Not everyone likes, or can eat hot dogs and beer. Having a variety is fantastic. They aren’t getting rid of the traditional baseball staples. I’m here for the Chicken Fried steak and the tater tots.

    • neil-dc

      I agree that some concessions should be cheaper. But, I also appreciate that they allow us to bring food in. I usually buy hot dogs (or half smokes) and peanuts from the hot dog carts outside.

    • MadMax

      There’s always minor league baseball if no-frills is your thing. This is the trend at basically every MLB stadium.

    • Anonamom

      I’ll just call you Old Fashioned, really Old Fashioned, because I have been going to ball games since the O’s played at Memorial Stadium, and even there it was more than just dogs and brews. Hell, go to any Minor League stadium around here and you might catch a game with a crab feast from time to time. The owners glam up the stadiums because that’s what people want.

  • Ross

    One thing not mentioned in that press release is that beer prices are going up this year. So beers from the roving vendors will now cost what, $11? $12? Ridiculous. I’m gonna start sneaking a flask in and buying one of those unlimited refill Cokes every night.

  • iHawkeye

    I’m curious what food will have ordering on the app/express check-out because let’s be real, shake shack is the only really atrocious line/food worth waiting for and if they’re not in here who cares?

    • maxwell smart

      Generally that is true, however I have been at a few games where even the lines for at the standard ballpark vendors were very long.


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