• saf

    This story makes me cry. In a good way.


  • DC Rez

    Great to see you saw this and posted a remembrance. Touching tribute to a blessed man. Was a pleasure to meet and experience him, a now missing part of the D.C. family. Was tearful when I learned he passed.

  • Mommaula

    Looks like he would have been a good neighbor

  • Anon
    • textdoc

      Thanks for the link! (Maybe the same as the wapo.st one earlier, but my work blocks the .st domain.)

  • bruno

    That’s a coworker’s home; he housed this guy for years. A saint. There was a WaPo story about it.

    • The WaPo story has been linked in the comments here.

      • bruno

        Yes, thanks — saw subsequently :^) And thanks for bringing attention to this story.

  • CVR

    Thank you so much for posting this. I still can’t walk by without getting teary. I miss Wilbert and the conversations we had, usually about his ladies lol. He was always looking out for me and would bring me Halloween candy. Such a good, kindhearted man and the block hasn’t been the same since his passing.


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