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New Series: Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?! Please Allow Me to Vent

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2017 at 12:30 pm 74 Comments

Photo by Hugh Clarke

In lieu of an Ask Me Anything this week (though I still have a few to answer and if you’d like to add some questions to the queue, feel free to do so at [email protected]) I’d like to share with you a message I just received. This is in response to yesterday afternoon’s β€œThis super-senior gal was taken in by the shelter at 18 years old when her former owner passed away.” (by the by, one reader is currently trying to adopt Julep, stay tuned) Update: Damn it! The reader has a cat and Julep has to be the only animal in the household. So if others are able – check out Julep here!!:

“not everyone is obsessed with dogs or likes to look at them every day. I associate them with piles of shit scattered all over town and constant episodes of neglect and irresponsibility on the part of dog owners that are a burden to every neighborhood. to me this is just grotesque and self serving.”

So, are you freaking kidding me??!?!

Who the fuck is holding a gun to your head making you read every God damn post on PoPville? First of all I like animals. It’s possible you may have gotten that impression based on the over one thousand five hundred afternoon animal fix posts. Second, this is an 18 year old dog who is miserable in a shelter and you begrudge me a post – to get her adopted? Fuck me? Fuck you!! OK fine you don’t like dogs, here’s a post about lingerie mannequins with Easter bunny heads. There, now we can be friends again.

Oh my God I feel better now. Thank you for indulging me.

‘Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?! Please Allow Me to Vent’ is sponsored by the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.

  • houseintherear

    100 clapping emojis and a few dog emojis!

  • Blktldy

    Right on! I’m sick of people who think their opinion/comment is important because of free speech. Well you’ve got free will too, don’t read it, don’t do it (whatever it is that is offending you). I prefer to coexist without all the input from people who are not family or friends.

  • Shawn_USt

    +1 to inifinty

  • smrtcar

    Hear, hear!

  • Anon NS

    Haha. +1,000
    That message is an example of why we all love old dogs but not so much old cranky men.

    • Traveler


  • L

    this is AMAZING!!!! I don’t like people who don’t like dogs…. there is something wrong with them. Also, like you said, this is an 18 year old dog in a shelter….. you must be born without a heart if that doesn’t spark something in you. So happy to hear someone may be adopting Julep!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t particularly like dogs. If something is wrong with me (I don’t agree, though), it’s probably rooted in fear of animals I can’t control and a couple v. bad childhood experiences with dogs. Still, I would never say there were too many dog posts on Popville, ffs. And even I, a non-dog-lover, was touched by Julep’s story. Too many grumps in the world.

  • Jen

    To the left, hater! Animals are awesome as are all of your posts about them. If anything- I’d love to see more. For instance- a weekly “DC adoptable animal” would be a great new feature!

    • Rachel

      That would be a great feature! I will never understand people who write such horrible comments or send awful emails. I just do not get it. Hope you have a great day, and thank you for posting about a sweet old dog, and about Momma. What a difference that has made!!

    • LNDT

      +1, I would love this feature, and many animals would find good homes!

    • Something Like Anonanon

      I love this idea, not only because it’s just a great idea but also because I’m salty and it makes me smile to think of this feature being somewhat attributable to this jerk.

    • Sara

      yes to adoptable dog (or cat) of the week! i’m sure local rescues would love a spotlight on animals that have been overlooked. and the susie’s senior facebook page shows that a guy is driving down from MA to get her this week! fingers crossed it all works out.

      • We used to do a monthly adoptable animal fix but the woman who coordinated it for me moved away πŸ™ https://www.popville.com/?s=%22adoptable+animal+fix%22&submit=Search

        • Jen

          I’d love to help coordinate! Sending an email your way!

        • Elvis’s Mom

          I can help Jen! Please connect us, Dan!

        • AWinDC

          I volunteer with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and would be happy to help!!

        • CVR

          I foster and volunteer for HRA. If anyone needs help please let me know cathyfostersdc @ gmail .com

    • MadMax

      Check out The Dodo, and prepare to lose hours of your life.

  • crazydoglady#1

    ah, yes. the “grotesque and self serving” act of TRYING TO HELP AN 18 YEAR OLD DOG GET OUT OF THE SHELTER. how DARE you?!

  • Bahahahaha

    This post is hilarious.

  • FridayGirl

    I am applauding in my cubicle right now, PoP. People are awful. But thank you for sharing some of the shit you have to deal with so we can all curse these kinds of things collectively in our own corners of the city. Ugh.

  • Jay

    Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!

  • anon

    I saw Julep’s story on facebook and I was very happy to see her posted here. I would like to say THANK YOU for helping get her publicity! And I hope you’ll post a followup story if/when she gets adopted!!!

  • JMo

    Take your ball and go home. What kind of ass hat is bothered by a collective effort to find a senior dog a home?

  • Horse_Lover

    I would like to see more pics of horses.

  • PetworthGuy

    must be a cat person lol

    • wdc

      Only if you believe that all cat people are jerks.

      • PetworthGuy

        The ignorance in that assumption twas the joke….sarcasm…

  • K

    I have more reason than almost anyone to hate dogs but even I know it takes a cold SOB to get mad about a post promoting the adoption of an elderly shelter bound dog.
    Like really, who gets so mad that they would write it to complain when the see a picture of an adorable old dog?

    • FridayGirl

      Someone who has a miserable and pathetic existence.

      • Anon NS

        Exactly. What a sad angry person. My first thought was – what an asshat. But my second thought was – pity. Im guessing this person isn’t living a happy and fulfilling life, but for blind rage about adoptable animals.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Good response. Don’t let the negativity bring you down, PoP!

  • Julie Meredith

    A colleague who was recently in town for a conference commented that the number of dogs she saw on DC’s streets made her want to move here once she finishes graduate school; the large dog population reflected well on the city’s residents. So, really, the number of dogs on Popville is merely reflective of DC. (FWIW, we’re both cat people). Also, why chose to go after a senior dog?!

  • Me

    A bazillion thumbs up to your response. I have read it to everyone in my office.

  • Rich

    So is OP the person who videoed the dog shitting in his yard but has no plans to actually do anything about the problem? It seemed like they expected the neighbors to somehow intervene on their behalf or for the offender to see the video and mend his ways.

    This kind of crankiness is not necessarily restricted to old men–it pops up in people who think their neighborhood “needs” a Whole Foods or a place is unlivable with window a/c units.

    • textdoc

      Nah, I think this is a special kind of crankiness — the crankiness of someone being so annoyed by a “senior dog seeking home” post that he/she felt compelled to write the Prince about it. It’s just Grinch-y.

    • navyard

      I read on another source that this wasn’t the first time this happened to the guy with the cameras. One time he caught a FOX that was chasing a cat and decided to leave a turd in the middle of this guy’s lawn. That cracked me up.
      Also, on another occasion when he did the same thing, he did get an apology on his front door (really, that’s not a euphemism).

    • JoDa

      Not sorry I can afford nice things. Say, are you the leader of the campaign against the Alamo/the entire associated redevelopment? If I can’t afford the nice things, no one should have them!

    • Truxtoner

      I do think it is irrational to be mad that someone lets their dog shit in your yard.

      I do think it is irrational to be mad that POP wants to help an 18 year old senior dog find a home.

      The idea you or anyone would equate the two is bewildering. I love dogs. I have one. I would literally throw myself in front of a car to save a dog before an adult human. But even I don’t want someone else let their dog shit in my yard and not clean it up.

      • textdoc

        So for item #1, did you mean “I _don’t_ think it’s irrational”?

        • Truxtoner


  • ET

    I understand not liking dogs, or any animals. I don’t understand why that person felt the need to say something. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should. Hope that person grows up soon.

  • Ben

    One of these days I hope I get to meet Mr and Mrs. Gardner πŸ™‚

    Also lol at people who expect a PERSONAL BLOG is supposed to be null and void of any sort of PERSONAL bias…..

    • Mr. and Mrs. Gardner are no longer with us, but I thank you and can tell you many wonderful stories about them!

  • I’m not really into fashion, so I think I’ll write a bitchy letter to Vogue magazine…really, where do these people come from?

  • anon

    love this! poor julep. if I didn’t have a psycho small dog at home I would adopt her.

  • Aglets

    I feel like dumb letters from dumber people are proof you’re doing something right. I don’t know who peed in their weaties but it seriously takes ZERO EFFORT to skip over posts that don’t interest you. Like I do with,say, posts about sports bars. Sorry but true.

  • DE

    I’ll add another +1. If you don’t like ____, don’t have ___, but don’t begrudge others for it. Plus, this post was designed to reduce the misery in the world one tiny little bit. The fact that some dog owners are irresponsible is irrelevant to helping this one poor, lonely dog.

  • Sue

    Animal pictures are helping me stay sane in our now-insane Land of 45. Vent all you need to, Dan. You are appreciated far and wide.

  • anon

    I don’t like dogs that much, but even I hope an 18-year old rescue dog is able to find a home! Animals should be happy and taken care of, I personally don’t want to interfere with their lives, but other humans are welcome to.

  • Hill Denizen

    I think this calls for a repost of every single afternoon animal fix you’ve posted over the last year. You can skip the sad lost pet or pet in need of a home, cuz those make me sad. But BRING ON THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CapitalDame

    GOOD FOR YOU, @PRINCE OF PETWORTH! What a horrible thing to say. Also, I am extremely sad to hear that Julep is still looking for a home. I would happily take her if my own elderly dog’s dementia weren’t getting so out of control (he can no longer have other animals in the house.)

  • ScottH

    I love Popville and I skip every pet post. I can’t imagine writing in to complain about them! Get a life, complainer.

  • MadMax

    This isn’t like a radio station where you have to listen through the garbage songs to maybe hear the good ones. Something tells me this person is just trolling for a reaction, and got what he / she wanted.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    As the owner of a senior dog, them’s fightin’ words. Dude, I don’t drink, but I don’t complain when there’s a story about a happy hour. For the love of potatoes, you want a dog-free blog? Start. Your. Own. Blog. I’m sure you can hunt for some “uptight and selfish” URL…gah.

  • RCH

    Can you ask them for a list of acceptable topics so that you don’t (heaven forbid!) offend them again?
    I for one wish you only posted about dogs and cats. jk

  • KeepTheAnimalPostsComing

    OMG YAS GURL! I cannot believe how shitty people are over things that have ZERO impact on their lives sometimes.

    • MadMax

      Oh I can totally believe it. I’ve met plenty of awful people. What’s worse is when they stop writing into bloggers and start getting politicians to draft bathroom bills.

  • squid

    I love you PoP!

  • zipdc


    Sounds like the kind of person one might encounter in other comments sections. The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog (or cat). #marktwain

  • jenster8dc

    What a total dick. Keep releasing the hounds, PoP!

  • SinSA

    All of the high fives to you! (And I hope someone takes Julep!)

  • gee

    If you haven’t already done so, it would be helpful to repost on your social media links

    • Anonymous

      Helpful in what sense? What would it help? While the person who wrote to PoP sure seems like a piece of work, this little orgy of condemnation here in the comments section isn’t the most appealing thing I’ve seen all day either.

      • iwdc

        I think (although I could be wrong) that gee was referring to reposting the Julep’s info to get her more attention and thus possible adopters, not reposting this post.

        • Gee

          Exactly what I meant. Please repost Julep’s info. The more people that see it the better the chance for adoption

  • Zachary Lancet

    Some people just need to go bark at the moon

  • iwdc

    No need for negativity anymore! Now we all have good news to celebrate: Julep got adopted!!! http://www.humanerescuealliance.org/blog/posts/18-year-old-dog-finds-new-home

    • textdoc

      Excellent news!!

    • rowanmae

      Yay!!! (and tears πŸ™‚

    • eggs

      I was coming to post this now, what a beautiful story! I’m not crying, you’re crying…

  • special_k

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