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Photo by Hugh Clarke

In lieu of an Ask Me Anything this week (though I still have a few to answer and if you’d like to add some questions to the queue, feel free to do so at [email protected]) I’d like to share with you a message I just received. This is in response to yesterday afternoon’s “This super-senior gal was taken in by the shelter at 18 years old when her former owner passed away.” (by the by, one reader is currently trying to adopt Julep, stay tuned) Update: Damn it! The reader has a cat and Julep has to be the only animal in the household. So if others are able – check out Julep here!!:

“not everyone is obsessed with dogs or likes to look at them every day. I associate them with piles of shit scattered all over town and constant episodes of neglect and irresponsibility on the part of dog owners that are a burden to every neighborhood. to me this is just grotesque and self serving.”

So, are you freaking kidding me??!?!

Who the fuck is holding a gun to your head making you read every God damn post on PoPville? First of all I like animals. It’s possible you may have gotten that impression based on the over one thousand five hundred afternoon animal fix posts. Second, this is an 18 year old dog who is miserable in a shelter and you begrudge me a post – to get her adopted? Fuck me? Fuck you!! OK fine you don’t like dogs, here’s a post about lingerie mannequins with Easter bunny heads. There, now we can be friends again.

Oh my God I feel better now. Thank you for indulging me.

‘Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?! Please Allow Me to Vent’ is sponsored by the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.


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