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  • andy

    oh, chiDnatown. ohhhhh the groaning…..

  • Anon

    Their piDzza is actually pretty good. I like it a lot better than &pizza. The Chipotle Ranch sauce is awesome. I was skeptical about the beef pepperoni but its good.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Just FYI, in case anyone saw this and was thinking about dropping by today to check it out, it is closed (and so is On Rye). Presumably, both closures are due to the weather.

  • new

    I thought it was good. They were also very friendly

  • NoMa Workerbee

    I also enjoyed my meal at Pidzza, which feels like a Turkish version of &pizza. The place was empty when I was there but that may be a problem with its location (not only Ivy City, but hard to find from the street). I had a good chat with the owner who made it sound like the Ivy City location was his testing ground before expanding to Chinatown, H Street, and beyond.

  • chasscott

    OMG! Will the toppings include echidna?

  • MtP

    This place looks interesting, I will definitely give it a try. Since your tweet about this suggested going here if On Rye was too crowded, I wanted to note that I was extremely disappointed with On Rye. The space was great and the staff was very nice, but the food just wasn’t that good. The pastrami was overly-smoky but lacked other flavor. And the portions were quite small. Smoked and Stacked, DGS, Stachowskis are all way better in my opinion. Frankly the On Rye sandwich I got at their stand at Nats Park was better. Sadly, Beef & Bread has also been underwhelming and is way overpriced. Sorry for my rant about fast casual joints on 6th street!

  • JF25

    Sign at new U street location is up and close to opening next to 7-eleven (former Subway).

    • Omg

      Right next to U street music hall

  • nom nom

    Went to the Ivy City location a few weeks ago and really liked it!

  • Omg

    This is much better than &pizza. They have make your own pizza and salads– all fresh and I think organic. So glad this one is open downtown so I don’t have to go to IVy city.

    They are also on ubereats!


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