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“Movers for a very small job (get couch from storage)”

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2017 at 1:15 pm 25 Comments

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“Can someone recommend movers for a very small (1-2 hour) job? We have a couch in storage that we want moved to our house. We want it placed upstairs, and it’s a tricky space that I expect will be difficult. Because of that, I’d prefer to use movers that are licensed and insured (as opposed to Task Rabbit, etc.) Thanks for any ideas!”

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  • AnonV2

    Does it need to be at a particular time or day? Contact some of the local movers (Bookstore, Two Marines, etc.), sometime they have smaller jobs (small apartment, or from storage > house) that wouldn’t take a full day, and they may fit you in at the end instead of having a crew sit idle because they can’t book a “full” move for that day. You might need to be flexible.

  • textdocc
    • skaballet

      This may be the case, but I will say the hourly rate they just quoted me for my small move (2-3 hours) was very high. It was more than double what Bookstore Movers quoted. So I would recommend Bookstore Movers – their hourly rate was by far the most reasonable of the 4 quotes I received.

      • textdoc

        Good to know — thanks, Skaballet!
        I’ve never actually used My Truck Buddy — the one time I tried to get a quote from them for something on short notice (I think a couple of days?), they never even responded. But many other people seem to have had good luck with them.

      • I’m pretty sure My Truck Buddy recently raised their rates. That might be why the recent quote you received was higher than what other posters might have led you to believe.

  • NomoBloomingdale

    Pockitship! Just used them and had a great experience.

    • On Capital Heels

      I was about to suggest Pocketship too! I haven’t ever used them, but I saw a feature they did with a local news channel. Great concept! I couldn’t remember the name but I knew I’d know it when I saw it, and I’m glad you suggested it here.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    I’ve had very good experiences with ALS Movers (www.alsmovingsite.com). They are a small, locally-owned business and have done smaller jobs for me with great success.

  • SinSA

    Putting another glowing recommendation for My Truck Buddy.

  • stacksp

    Home Depot Truck rental by the hour. Uhaul as well.

  • Missy

    I moved this past weekend with We Haul DC and could not recommend them enough! We had a awkward/small 1bedroom to move out of and Will and Eddie were awesome!

  • Have you already measured the doorway/turning space and know that the couch can be taken up there?

  • Hstreeter

    Make friends

    • mvs

      As one of OP’s friends, I can assure you that we fully support commercial outsourcing of this operation.

      • textdoc

        Actual LOL. :)

  • t-digs

    I just used 2 guys through uhaul. I reserved the truck and there was an option to add movers. I added ones with a good rating (get up and go movers) they were excellent and available by the hour.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    How about Task Rabbit? That’s almost like having friends. Most of the folks I looked up for a task charge about $40 an hour.

    • Abk

      I second the reccomendation for task rabbit!

    • KS

      I would definitely recommend TaskRabbit. I moved about a block (from old place to new place) and had minimal furniture but too much to walk over – cost me about $50 and took less than an hour. Tip – put your email in and they’ll send you a coupon code for $X off your first task.

    • textdoc

      The OP specifies in the post that it’s a tricky space that he/she would therefore “prefer to use movers that are licensed and insured (as opposed to Task Rabbit, etc.).”

      • Ehdc

        Taskrabbit is insured, if not licensed exactly (they supposedly have a work around for this with task rabbits working as independent contractors)

  • msfp

    I’ve never used them but I think this may be the type of job that College Hunks Hauling Junk does (they advertise more than junk removal.) NB: This is just the company name, not intended to insult your sofa :)

  • SS

    I’ve used Knoble Moving for a couple moves, including picking up small pieces of furniture from Craigslist sellers. Not sure how prices compare to other companies mentioned here, but I loved the guys at Knoble.

  • Joan Eisenstodt

    College HUNKS are terrific!

  • Sa

    My Truck Buddy- a DC local firm. I have used them roughly 4 times for moves within DC. One time they came to my place and moved furniture upstairs for getting downstairs floorboards re-done so I would think the storage collection gig is something they could help with. The people there were really nice and good people and no shady business.


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