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MM.LaFleur opening on K Street March 15th

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2017 at 10:05 pm 25 Comments

1424 K Street, NW

From an email:

MM.LaFleur DC Showroom

  • The showroom is located at 1424 K St NW and opens to the public on March 15, 2017.
  • Our showroom experience is a highly-personalized way to shop. We like to say it’s the most “productive, personalized, and stress-free shopping experience of your life.”
  • What it is: A 1-hour appointment with a dedicated MM stylist.
  • How it works: The customer fills out a brief survey ahead of time, and arrives to a dressing room prepared just for her (pieces in her size, her favorite colors, silhouettes, etc.). Her stylist will work with her to ensure she finds things that fit her needs and lifestyle. You can read more about it here.
  • It’s similar to the MM Bento Box in the sense that we cut out the clutter (no browsing!) and allow women to zero in on the pieces that work best for them.”


  • Joshua

    (Somewhat off-topic)
    So glad this building avoided the wrecking ball, unlike most of the houses on K Street. According to the article below, this building was originally a bachelor pad.

    • Ron

      Thanks, Joshua. I especially liked the separate toilet rooms for servants.

    • textdoc

      Thanks for the link!

    • Quotia Zelda

      Bonus points for using Chronicling America!

      • Joshua

        I use the site all the time. I love it. :-)

        • AMDCer

          Me, too – and boy is it a time suck!

  • 16thSter

    Has anyone tried their clothes?

    • Pixie

      I ordered a few of their bento boxes. Their clothes are nice and have held up well, but they’re not cheap. I kept a few dresses and tops, wasn’t a big fan of their pants. Their sizing runs a bit large, although I don’t know what my size is anymore with all the stupid vanity sizing happening at J Crew, Banana Republic, etc. I hate shopping and I always struggle to put together work outfits in the morning, so I really liked their online service.

      • crazydoglady#1

        i’ve found that their sizes are TTS with the measurements as shown in their size chart. i’m definitely a size or 2 up from other places, but those other places are absurdly vanity-sized.

    • AJSE

      Their clothes are amazing but like Pixie said, not cheap. This is good news for my professional wardrobe and bad news for my wallet.

    • Kate

      Not cheap but I’m a huge fan. I’ve gone to the NY showroom and having someone style for you is way more helpful than I realized. They have a few machine-washable non-wrinkle dresses in the ~$160 range which are becoming a cornerstone of my work wardrobe.

    • jumpingjack

      I agree with the others that the clothes are good quality and not cheap. But like many brands, they are cut for a more straight up and down model frame. Even the dresses that are recommended for “curvy” frames didn’t fit me, and I can fit well into many off the rack dresses from places like Nordstrom. I have one MM.LaFleur dress that I like, but for it to fit my hips I had to size up so it’s a bit too big in the shoulders.

      • eggs

        Yeah this has been what’s been holding me back, I just can’t wear sheath-style dresses, pencil skirts, etc. I fall into sizes that are super easy to find, but it seems like their style tends towards the straight up and down kind of person.

      • wdc

        This makes me sad. There are way more curvy women than not-curvy ones. I can only wear button-down shirts as a layer, not as a stand-alone piece, because if it fits my waist and shoulders, it doesn’t even come close to buttoning across the bust.

        • crazydoglady#1

          have you tried campbell & kate for button downs?

      • AVEnue

        I’ve had the opposite experience – I am very pear-shaped, and have found many of their skirts and dresses to be very flattering. Some of the marketing emails they send out show the same dress being worn by models (usually MM employees) of extremely different body types (size 0 straight and size 14 curvy for example) and they all look great.

        I’m probably sounding like a paid MM shill at this point, but I genuinely just adore their clothes & wish I made enough money to buy all of it.

        • jumpingjack

          Thanks! I’m totally willing to give it another try. My experience was based on a visit to the pop-up they had in Chinatown a few years ago – I tried on almost every dress they had in stock. But I know they’ve add new styles since then.
          For the women in this thread, I just bought the Ellen Tracy Seamed Ponte Sheath Dress from Nordstrom and am obsessed with it – it fits *perfectly* and is super comfortable. Highly recommend.

          • AVEnue

            Good luck! I hope you find some things you like!

        • AJSE

          +1 I’ve had this experience too and really appreciate that they show how the clothes look on all body types.

    • BRP

      these are super helpful answers – thanks, guys!

    • AVEnue

      Yes – they are expensive but gorgeous & comfortable. Whenever I wear something from them, I get tons of compliments from my colleagues. Bonus – a lot of it is machine washable :) Strongly recommend MM; I’m so glad they are opening a location here!

      • textdoc

        I am intrigued — I might actually check this place out!

    • d

      I have a few of their dresses and tops, and they are fantastic. Considering they’re roughly in the same price range as J Crew and Nordstrom for work clothing, the quality is much higher and their service is incredible. Many of their dresses have pockets, they’re appropriately lined, and have details and finished seams that are typically found on higher-end clothing. I’m on the petite side (5’3″) and find their dresses to fit without needing alterations. The fabrics are (at least in what I own) stretchy and comfortable without stretching out and sagging. Overall, I think their pieces are worth the price, the quality is solid, and the designs are professional without being dowdy. If you’re on the fence about whether they would fit or look right on you, make an appointment and pop in for a fitting. The stylists will be happy to find something that works for you, usually while you sip a glass of prosecco :)

    • anon

      Another thumbs up. Their clothes are expensive (JCrew not sale prices) but are well made and stylish. Most things are machine washable (HUGE plus IMO) and made of natural fabrics. I also enjoy the shopping experience: glass of champagne and personal attention.

  • crazydoglady#1

    i am SO excited about this. have been going to their pop-ups as long as they’ve been available, and super excited to have a real shop. i’m a smaller pear shape (12″ diff b/n waist and hips) and have had tremendous luck with their dresses- they have a lot of a-line shapes available, and i LOVE the toi dress. i’m slowly (because they’re $$, but worth it, quality and style wise) turning my entire work wardrobe into mm.lafleur. frustratingly, their tops, skirts, and pants don’t really work for me, but that’s true most places. i also have broad shoulders and a moderate bust (9″ diff b/n bust and waist), so i’m not quite curvy enough/not quite un-curvy enough for a lot of stuff. BUT THEIR DRESSES! lots are machine washable, lots have pockets, and they’re always appropriate (no super low necklines/high hemlines) for work. i feel like a million $ in their stuff. highly recommend.


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