Mesmerized by Rock Creek Park


I’m aware it may just be me but I found these exposed roots fascinating. Though probably not too good for the tree long term…


Also these woodpecker(?) holes:



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  • binntp

    Yes, Rock Creek Park is home to loads of red-bellied woodpeckers drilling their way through the trees–I have seen and heard many on my weekend runs. Another reason to love this park!

    • It’s hard to really judge the size, but if those seem really big they could be from Pileated Woodpeckers which, along with red-bellied, hairy and downy woodpeckers all call RCP home. Pileated are a sight, they look like Woody Woodpecker and are the size of chickens.

  • Soil erosion is bad for the tree. The tree will eventually fall over. Nature taking it’s course.

  • justinbc

    Woodpeckers used to violently attack our smokestack when we lived in McLean. Dumb birds would wake me up every weekend banging on the metal.

    • ah

      Ah, the mating call of the woodpecker . . . I suffered through this with a woodpecker pounding our gutters. Good lord make it stop!!!

  • Nature is great. A dead standing tree is called a ‘snag’ and is a very important part of forest ecology. It’s our tendency to think that since it’s dead its usefulness is gone but it’s still very much part of the life cycle of many creatures.

  • A giant woodpecker took a few chops at a neighbor’s tulip poplar tree once while I happened to be on my front porch watching. That thing’s beak was the size of a hammer head. It didn’t stay long enough to drill a hole, but knocked a lot of bark off before taking wing. Scar remained on the tree trunk for years.

  • Trevor Kampmann has published a simple and beautiful book with his photographs of the Park called, suitably enough: Rock Creek Park. (I received my copy through Amazon a week ago.)

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