Laundromat at 11th and Lamont Closes – Development Coming?

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2017 at 2:45 pm 25 Comments


Thanks to Peter for sending word:

“The washing machines were removed from the laundry mat at 11th and lamont over the weekend.”

The delicious smelling El Lation Bakery closed back in 2015. Anyone know if the Chinese takeout is still open? Anyone hear about the future development plans of this corner?

  • sonora18

    I can confirm that the Chinese takeout is still open and seems to have a pretty regular base of customers!

    As someone who lives close by, I would welcome some kind of development on that block, as it has been one of the sketchier corners in the neighborhood for some time.

    • GBinCH

      I welcome development too and I cannot stand that laundromat – I agree that it is the source of a lot of sketchiness. However, if the takeout is still open, this looks like its just the laundromat closing and not a bigger bit of development. The entire building, per the DC Tax Records, is there hasn’t been a recent sale. So not sure if this is really an indication of a developer taking over, more so a tenant going under.

  • bruno

    It already is developed. Do you mean different development?

    • I swear to fucking God.

      • bruno

        I kind of like what’s there :^)

      • Sweet dear! While we all appreciate your level-headed, grown-up and moderate voice here, it is actually kind of charming when you now and then (rightfully) go all Samuel Jackson whoop-ass on a stupid posting.

        • Andie302


        • bruno

          I won’t have any more photo subjects if they keep tearing down the old buildings…. they have character.

          • You could always go to an underdeveloped country and take photos of buildings with “character,” complete with children in rags by overflowing sewers.

          • bruno

            Hmmm… more like Baltimore for me. I like run down old harbor places… NYC used to be like that but they gussied it all up :^)

  • JS

    It’s just a matter of time before these buildings are razed and replaced with a 4-5 story mixed use building.

  • The Other Jason

    Walked by on Saturday. Chinese takeout was still open and everything seemed normal inside. While I would welcome some development on this block, I am terrified that one of the same 4-5 highly unoriginal, large scale firms will buy the space and build the same boring building like they have all around this city. I’d much rather see this space stay a one-story with some new retail.

    • eva

      With empty ground floor retail which is the case in SO many of these new buildings (and the ones that used to be new but now are middle aged…)

  • GBinCH

    Goodbye Laundromat!

  • MoldieOldie

    that block on 11th Street is owned by “GRAND SUCCESS ENTERPISES INC” and assessed at just over $1M. sounds like a bargain. the Odd Provisions spot (including the next door space) is assessed at just under $485K and the El Chucho space ONLY about $325K.

    • textdoc

      The assessment value is often well below the appraisal value (and market price).

      • MoldieOldie

        yep, and still a bargain.

  • DF

    I’m pretty sure it’s already in the works that this place will indeed be a condo/mixed-use building. Wish I had sources but I work nearby and that’s what’s been floated…

  • Dappa

    According to the lady at the Chinese carryout, they own their building. And I see nothing wrong with having a laundromat in the neighborhood, there are still people, unblessed with luxury condos, that need a clean shirt…

    • James

      Absolutely. I live a block from here and there are plenty of people who use that laundromat. Maybe even a updated, cleaner replacement would be nice.

  • John

    According to my recent new 11th St neighbors who inquired about that building before buying, it will be under re-development by summer. The owners aren’t declining to renew leases and leaving it vacant in the hopes of bringing in better tenants to that old decrepit building put up to cover the taxes back in the day when you couldn’t have paid someone to develop in CoHI. Personally, after the shooting and seeing the constant dealing outside the laundromat, I won’t miss it one bit.

  • Vicar

    This is both sad and unavoidable.

    First, I’m aggravated to have to point out that the “sketchier” subject is misplaced. The laundromat isn’t sketchy. “We are.” Does it get sketchy? Yes, but is the place itself sketchy? No, it’s where people can walk from their homes to do laundry. Do people go there and sometimes hang out? Sure. But…they live here. They’re our neighbors, our diversity. People at laundromats don’t come from across the city – they walk from their homes. So while yes, people hanging out there are famous for harassing women on the street and perhaps the owners could patrol better / at all, it’s not like the laundromat created them out of thin air.

    Sad – my direct neighbors walk to the laundromat. They don’t have the cash to drop on in-house laundry, and abuela regularly pushes a cart down there (I’ve offered to drive, declined). All those folks walking from our streets to do their laundry? They’re in a real pickle.

    Unavoidable? People have the right to come and go, open and close businesses, remodel their property, or sell it outright. The space probably would be better used with more and higher development. There is no direct loss of family living if this industrial building changes, and anything added in height will be more usefulness and tax revenue for the city. It had character, but not a lot.

    It really sucks for those neighbors who used it, but it was not a taxpayer funded public service – it was a private business.


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