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High Dive closed 2 weeks ago in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth March 3, 2017 at 11:15 am 6 Comments

high dive
2337 18th Street, NW

Update from a High Dive event (posted in the comments):

“The High Dive is closing up, and this is the last weekend! [February 18 – February 19] Come say bye to the bar and to Liz!

It’ll be cash only, open bar, don’t have anything to do the next day!”

A reader reports:

“I walked by it on Friday Night around 10PM and it was closed. All Bars should be open on a Friday night. I think it’s done. I went in there like a month ago and it was dead on a Saturday night.”

Another reader hears they are: “looking to sell the place.”

The High Dive opened in the former Pharmacy Bar, RIP, space back in March 2015.

Their Facebook hasn’t been updates since January 13th. Their website says:

“It’s like your favorite house party with better paint and a clean bathroom. Cheap drinks, cheap food, cheap shots from the bartender. Street Fighter 2 (champion edition!), board games, bills-only jukebox (no touch tunes), & chalk in the bathroom.

Selling food through last call, every night.

FRI & SAT: 5PM – 3AM”

I emailed the bar manager a few days ago but still haven’t heard back yet. Updates if/when more is known.

  • eggs

    I know someone who used to work there, according to what I’d heard a few weeks back the last day they were supposed to be open was Sun Feb 19.

  • Michael Pierce

    I walked by a few weeks ago and was surprised to see it was among the growing number of Adams Morgan bars that are apparently closed during happy hour on weeknights.

  • northeazy

    This kind of upsets me. I think there is definitely a market for bars that serve non-$14 cocktails, but you cannot market it as “cheap beer, cheap shots, etc.” to most people. Personally, my ears perk up at those words, but I know many people who are turned off by it. They assume it is cheap. Codmother is a rare exception to that rule, You need to seem like you are not cheap, but just charge less than all of the fake mixologists out there (there are a lot of real mixologists who deserve $14 per cocktail, but not as many as there are that charge $14).

    • Hill Denizen

      Really? I know so many people who would be attracted to such a place. Dives have disappeared in DC.

  • John D’Angelo
  • anonymous

    Darn, I always meant to go back. Maybe that’s part of the problem? Went once around when they first opened, remember it being ok, would have liked more of a beer selection and at the time they were cash only. I think we figured that the prices were the same as Black Squirrel or Rebellion, but those places had more variety (my general peeve isn’t so much places not having a huge number of beers as them having a variety in styles, like a hoppy beer, a dark beer, and something in between).
    Oh well, guess we missed our chance


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