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Southern Efficiency - Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)
Southern Efficiency at the Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)

From a press release:

“Japan has officially landed inside James Beard Award-nominated Mockingbird Hill (1843 7th Street NW) and Southern Efficiency (1841 7th Street NW), which have been transformed into Cherry Blossom PUB (Pop-Up Bar), an ode to Washington, D.C.’s most beautiful season opening tonight at 5pm.

After the massive success of the holiday-themed Miracle on 7th Street pop-up experience, Drink Company launches Cherry Blossom PUB with all new detailed decor and exclusive cocktail and food menus, inspired by the annual cherry blossom viewing season each Spring in the nation’s capital.

Draped in pink, Southern Efficiency features handmade cherry blossom “branches,” thousands of origami cranes, maneki-neko — Japan’s world-famous lucky “waving cats” — and a stunning mural print of iconic D.C. artist Maggie O’Neill’s classic painting “Flynn’s Jefferson Memorial.”

Mockingbird Hill - Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)
Mockingbird Hill at Cherry Blossom PUB (Photo by Farrah Skeiky)

At Mockingbird Hill, nostalgia reigns supreme in the form of the beloved Super Mario Bros., with the entire bar dedicated to the Mushroom Kingdom, from animatronic piranha plants peeking out of green pipes to glowing mystery boxes and a special corner reserved for super villain King Koopa. Despite their differing decor, the two bars are connected via newly opened doorways between them, opening up a flowing, festive space for even more patrons to enjoy.

Cocktails from Senior Bar Manager Paul Taylor pay homage to the theme, too, including drinks like the “King Koopa Cup,” a mix of Japanese whiskey, Genmaicha “popcorn” tea and ginger syrup with a lemon “crown” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smaller,” made with vodka, mandarin orange, pomelo and apricot soda. Classic Japanese bites like gyoza, seaweed salad and a katsu sandwich from Chef Evan Scarlatelli are also on the menu, alongside Japanese sake, beer and whiskey offerings. In addition to the themed food and drinks, guests can expect a Mario Kart contest and bartenders wearing red caps and overalls for the duration of the Cherry Blossom PUB, which will stick around through April 15.

The Cherry Blossom PUB at Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency is open Wednesday, March 1 through April 15, 5pm to 12:30am Sunday through Thursday and 5pm to 1:30am Friday and Saturday.


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