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Duccini’s Taking Advantage of Pizzeria Trattoria’s Demise Right Quick!!

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2017 at 11:25 am 14 Comments

duccini raise
1778 U Street, NW

Earlier this week we noted that Pizzeria Trattoria had closed in Adams Morgan. Didn’t take long for nearby neighboring jumbo slice pizza purveyor, Duccini’s, to jump at the opportunity. Mikaela Lefrak updates us with the stunning news last night:

“Duccini’s just raised their jumbo slice prices and my heart is breaking. (a $1 increase. These are dark times.)”

All I can say is:

  • Chris

    I’m a big fan of catching a buzz and eating late night pizza but the whole jumbo slice thing eludes me. Granted I’m from CT, smack dab between the glories of New York and New Haven pizza, so DC is a virtual wasteland when it comes to quality pie. But still, 6 or 7 bucks for a slab of grease…..i’ll stick with a late night sausage biscuit at MickeyD’s.

    • n3

      GTFO with that virtual “waste land” bs. Yes, jumbo slice is shit. But so is most NY pizza places. There are just way more pizza places in NY, and they have many high quality ones too.

      DC has good pizza. Pete’s Apizza, Wiseguy, and We the Pizza come to mind in terms of classic “grab a slice” joints. DC now has tons of brick oven style places too, like Amy’s, All Purpose, Timber, and like 5 others on 14th street alone.

      • n3

        *so are most*

      • asg

        As a fellow northeasterner (NJ), I agree with Chris on this one. Even the worst slice joints in NYC are miles ahead of the crap they serve here (proof of the pizza wasteland that is DC: Manny and Olgas not only survives but thrives here). Pete’s, wiseguys, and we the pizza are great, but you literally named the only three takeout joints that have good pizza in DC. The others on your list are more sit-down restaurants, not at all akin to the slice joints that proliferate in Philly/NYC/New Haven, etc. where you can grab a slice and go.

      • skj84

        agree. New Yorks can calm down about the pizza. It really isnt’ that much better in NYC. I will concede you guys bagels, but pizza? Average to good. I’d rather have Pizza Paradiso here over a slice of street pizza in New York. #yeahisaidit

        • NYDC

          salty! (not talking about the pizza)

    • Truxton Thomas

      Careful looking down your nose through that sausage biscuit.

  • LucyChong

    FYI, I spoke with one of the guys from Pizzeria Trattoria– they are, in fact, renovating (he let me take a look see– they are completely redoing the dining area) and said they will re-open “soon”.

    This kind of business practice by Duccini’s makes sure that I will only go to Pizzeria Trattoria when it reopens!

  • DC_KT

    Jumbo slices are 7 dollars now?? Didn’t they used to be a dollar? I feel old.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Seriously, I was thinking $2 and change.

    • skj84

      word. Thats not a combo? I mean they were maybe $3 back when I used to indulge and that really wasn’t that long ago.

  • Evan Tupac Grooter

    Welcome to Trumpflation

  • jaybird

    Douglas C. Neidermeyer

  • cpc10

    Niedermeyer – dead!


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