• MadMax

    Interesting, Cousins might wind up in SF too…

    • Anon

      Garçon hates Cousins though… so it seems somewhat odd that they’d sign him and trade for Cousins

  • CapitalDame


  • Christopher

    I mean, I guess. Garcon’s been great on and off the field, but he’s not a guy you can build a team around and 16 mil is a lot of money for a 30 year old skill player. The writing was on the wall all last season too- they were no resigning talks, no communication after season was over, Garcon was making fun of the team on twitter (which was hilarious), he requested a trade before the season began, etc. Really I’m happy for him more than anything else. He gets a big pay day and 60-70 degree weather year round; and leaves the smoldering trash heap that is Washington Football behind. (and yes, I’m a lifelong skins fan).

    Now I’m hoping we’re able to trade Cousins. Our offense without Garcon and Djax will likely stink, and the defense already stinks. We got a team built to tank and Gruden’s signed up so he can stick around and train up a new, new QB. Why be .500 one more year with Cousins when we could stink, get a higher draft pick, and possibly a pick or two out of the 49ers. The team in it’s current player and management state won’t have the tools to compete with Dallas and NY. Let’s start the inevitable rebuild now and get something (anything) out of it, even if it’s 50 cents on the dollar.

    • dcd

      “Now I’m hoping we’re able to trade Cousins.”
      We’ll take him! Signed, NY Jets fan who knows what it’s like to be without a decent QB, and is astonished that Skins fans don’t recognize the good fortune they fell into with Cousins.

      • Christopher

        I recognize the good fortune. Unfortunately it seems like the skins have completely botched the relationship with him, as they are wont to do. If I’m cousins, there’s no way I’d stay in Washington past the tag. Why subject himself to a group that told him to prove it for two years and then balked when it came time for a deal when he did (twice). And I’m sure hes been around the organization long enough to see what a poison it is on every level. He’s also seen osweiler get bank and talk of two first rounders for garapelo (or however you spell it). He and his agent know how valuable he is and know he can get a huge deal with a properly managed organization. I’d love to keep him, but at this point skins org need to realize they f’d up completely (again) and to get what they can while they can. Cause when he walks next year he’ll have 60+ mil in his pocket and a great deal with a better organization and we’ll have one playoff birth. HTTR!

        • dcd

          Got it, and I completely agree with this. If I’m Cousins, I’m a little apprehensive that my production is going to fall off, because my two best receiver are likely to be gone, and the teams looks poised for a real regression. But the organization is so disfunctional it should be easy to pass the blame for lesser numbers along, and still get a nice fat deal elsewhere. And as you say, why would he want to stay?

        • Ross

          Yeah, this is just par for the course. They’ll let Cousins slip through their fingers, then grossly overpay for an over the hill, one time star QB who will do absolutely nothing for the team.

  • Bort

    In other news, the GMen got Marshall! Woo hoo!

    The Washington Football Team is doomed as long as Snyder is in charge, which will be forever since owning an NFL team is basically a money-printing operation and he’ll never sell. In 1,000 years Snyder’s weird head will still be mismanaging this team into oblivion from its sealed jar.


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