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“Came out to a bullet hole in my windshield and the .45 cal bullet sitting neatly implanted in my dash board”

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2017 at 3:15 pm 25 Comments


A reader reports:

“Came out to a bullet hole in my windshield and the .45 cal bullet sitting neatly implanted in my dash board on the corner of 15th and Harvard this morning.

From the impact angle on the dash and condition of the bullet looks like this was a stray bullet shot in the air that happened to land on my car. Went out to my car at 11pm last night and it was fine then, but when I came out at 7 am this morning I found the bullet on the dash so happened sometime overnight. ”


  • Brooklyn Brawler

    That shit cray

  • DE

    But in America, we drive that GD car to work anyway.

  • condoer

    Does insurance cover bullet holes?

    • Anonymous

      Ours did. Bullet holes are counted as vandalism by my insurance company.

    • That One Guy

      And will your premium jump as a result of said claim of bullet hole?

      • Anonymous

        Ours didn’t.

    • minimalist

      My windshield (cracked from a rock, not a bullet) was replaced for $215, so it’s probably not worth an insurance claim unless the damage to the dash impacts the use of the car.

  • PetworthGuy

    assuming the slug was implanted in the same position as it is in the picture, the shot must have come from way above the street aiming directly down….or more likely someone shot a round in the air and that’s where it landed – right? The angles just don’t add up otherwise….theres no way it was shot from street level and the glass slowed it down that much for it to just drop on the dash (especially if it was a .45)

    • PetworthGuy

      Yup – guess it was just a stray in the air…..so scary. That could have been someones head.

  • navyard

    Not to blame the victim, but …was your car alarm sounding? (Just kidding!!!!)

    • Anon

      yea…. no.

  • anon

    If you haven’t already, report it to the police.

  • bloomies

    Same thing happened to me end of last year. A clear hole in the window and the bullet just resting on the dash. Cops said it could have originated from a mile or more away. Just grateful no person or animal was in its path.

  • Anonymouse

    Been there….. A drive by shooting left my truck and my house on Harvard with bullet holes. Funny store though: when I went to go trade in the truck there was still a bullet hole in the passenger side door frame. The dealership asked me if that was a bullet hole and of course, full disclosure, I said “yes. Do you really want to haggle with me over pricing now.”

    What is it with Harvard street and drive by shootings?

  • samanda_bynes

    psh, Maryland shooters

    • penguins9966

      +500 literally laughed out loud

  • Me

    Why would you drive away evidence? Foolish, those bullets get collected and entered into a national database. Later when the gun is used again or found the cases can be linked or tracked.

  • Sean

    I live in Mt. Pleasant and heard five or six gunshots around 12:30-12:45 last night. I guess this is the result of those shots.

  • Anonymous

    DC mayor and council are missing the mark on crime. It’ll cost Bowser her job — just watch.

  • Sfcohi

    We heard about 5-7 gunshots around 12:30 from Columbia Heights. Assume this is the result.

  • Francine

    This is why we moved out of the neighborhood after we had kids- just couldn’t risk it.

    • Alan

      This city has tens of thousands of kids and they almost never ever get shot…the odds are like ten million to one. Being scared of stray bullets is a dumb reason to move out of the city.

      • Autoexec.bat

        No, it’s not.

        • Francine

          Moved out of the neighborhood, never said out of the city.


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