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Checking in on the Condo Conversion, The Mansarte, at 13th and Fairmont St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2017 at 10:05 pm 19 Comments

1248 Fairmont Street, NW

This is the spot we spoke about back in December.

The Mansarte’s website says:


The Mansarte is boutique 5-unit condominium development located in the heart of Columbia Heights at 1248 Fairmont Street, NW. All units feature high-end finishes and thoughtful designs, all have outdoor space and a shared roof deck, and parking is available.

Two 1 bedroom / 1 bath units
Two 3 bedroom / 3.5 bath units
One Penthouse 3 bedroom / 3 bath

The Mansarte project is a conversion of a Grand Victorian on premium, extra wide corner lot into five luxurious condominiums. The lower level will feature two (1bd/1bth) units, each with an outdoor space and back patio. The main, first, and second floors will each feature 1800 sqf (3bd/3.5bth) condos. Each unit will have outdoor space whether it is a wrap-around porch or balcony on top. Also, all units will have access to a shared roof deck and indoor secured parking.

Units are not yet registered with the Department of Housing and Community Development, Rental Conversion and Sale Division. No units will be offered for sale prior to Registration.”


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  • C

    I think they’ve done a phenomenal job on the exterior and I’m happy to see an emphasis on three bedroom units. Hopefully the interiors aren’t too cookie-cutter.

  • MK

    I’ll probably catch flak but that second picture is awful. No wonder the woman was complaining back in a December 2016 Popville post. Couldn’t they set that portion back from the street and not overwhelm the house next to it.

    • Tom

      No flak from me – I totally agree. Seems like the developer should provide some level of compensation for adversely effecting the appeal (and likely the value, as well) of their house.

      • GBinCH

        If this property was by-right and not a zoning variance, then good luck there. I agree it sucks, but there’s not much you can do.

    • textdoc


    • Anon

      I am having a little trouble situating that second picture, but that’s pretty brutal. Not talking about whether they had a right to do it, but ouch!

  • Neighborly

    In my opinion, this is one of the very best of the recent redevelopments. The architecture is beautiful, and it looks like it’s been there since the row was first built. An excellent example of developers working hard to ensure their redesign fits in with the existing neighborhood.

    • Bloomy

      Totally agree!

  • Daniel

    That was such a beautiful old house and I think it’s an aesthetic shame to chop it up into condos.

    • ehdc

      Leaving aside the issue of developers making more money with condos (i.e., the real reason this is happening), making smaller, more affordable units (who could afford a house that big now!) allows more people to live in desirable neighborhoods and is more ecofriendly (reduced commuting, less unused space being heated/cooled).

  • Karen Green

    I agree with Daniel. Single family homes in this area are almost completely gone. This unit sticks out like a sore thumb. The building juts out and does not align with the architecture of the neighborhood. As a resident of the area I am very disappointed that so many houses have changed to condos. Parking was always a concern but now the area just feels crowded and cluttered. This neighborhood has improved some but at the cost of the family feeling it once had

  • MadMax

    Looks OK, name sounds silly.

    • Michael Pierce

      Developers are really pulling names out of their asses these days. Most of them make little sense or have no tangible connection to the property in question.

      • Belinskaya

        This one, at least, is taken from the actual structure (the mansard roof), so it’s theoretically better than, say, the Fahrenheit. It’s not good, just less terrible.

  • Campagnolo

    I wonder if the builders are still planning on painting the brick white? I rather like the red, but the white may sell better.

  • Anon NS

    What is the plan with that weird overhang in the second picture? Is that going to be built out for more of a ledge? That whole side looks out of place and imposing as is – obviously not finished, so I’ll give it a chance. But would have liked it better set back from curb, so not so stark.

  • JB

    This is just so incredibly depressing. The owner of the house next door has been screwed and yet again, housing for the rich and not for working people or the poor.

    • JS

      There are literally hundreds of units of section 8 housing a block away.

  • MG

    I think the developer did an awesome job maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood although this isn’t a historic district. Their website shows that they do very decent finishes, definitely not a cookie cutter!


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