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“California-style burgers” available via delivery starting Tuesday

by Prince Of Petworth March 10, 2017 at 11:15 am 26 Comments

via Caliburger

Not In-N-Out Burger but it’s something…

From a press release:

“On Tuesday, March 14, CaliBurger will launch delivery of its California-style burgers to customers in the D.C. metro area. The delivery program launches from Union Kitchen in Ivy City (1369 New York Avenue NE) and is the first step in the brand’s plans to open multiple neighborhood storefronts around the region later this year. The menu is centered around the style of burger popular in Southern California for decades – thin fresh beef patties piled high with crisp vegetables on a grilled bun, served with fresh cut fries and handspun ice cream shakes.

[Check out the full menu here

Starting today, orders can be placed through Caviar, DoorDash, GrubHub, PostMates and UberEats, use the CaliBurger mobile app to order instantly, or schedule an advance order or curbside pickup at Union Kitchen.

The inaugural delivery menu showcases a focused selection of the brand‘s signature items at delicously low prices. Options include a Grilled Cheese ($3.99), Hamburger ($4.25), Cheeseburger ($4.99), and the ultimate Cali Double ($5.99) featuring two all-beef patties, melted American cheese, sliced ripe tomato, crisp iceburg lettuce and grilled sweet onions all topped with a signature sauce. No entrée is complete without a side of Fresh Cut Fries ($1.99) and diners have the option of Cali Style Fries ($3.99) – the same handcut seasoned potatoes, double fried for crispiness, smothered in melted American cheese, grilled sweet onions and signature sauce. Wash it all down with a creamy Ice Cream Shake ($3.99) available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Though the initial D.C. launch is delivery only, Cali Group, which comprises CaliBurger and its sister technology companies, expects to expand the menu in its forthcoming local brick and mortar locations, and continue advancing its service systems for speed, efficiency and flavor. “The Cali Group’s vision for the restaurant operating system also includes systems for ‘intelligent’ delivery of food to customers in local neighborhoods,” said John Miller, Chairman of Cali Group. “We are looking forward to gaining insights from the D.C. market to develop logistical and software solutions to enable cost effective delivery of food to nearby customers.” 

  • MadMax

    I really fail to see how that sounds anymore “Cali style” compared to any hamburger place on the East coast, or anywhere else for that matter.

    • read between the lines

      Because they are just blatantly copying In-N-Out

    • Truxton Thomas

      The beach girls in hats give the burgers their distinctive Cali flavor.

      • JP

        Note the prominent Washington, DC on the one in the middle (this image is also on their website.) Featured alongside Shanghai, the most populous city on Earth.

        We finally made it, guys!

        • MadMax

          Yeah, considering they’re just launching it would be great if they focused on making a good product for one location first, rather than how much they’re going to be expanding all over the globe.

    • Rich

      You clearly have not been to a quintessential LA burger place like Top’s in East Pasadena. Much better than the most hyped burger in DC and much better fries and rings.

      • MadMax

        I’ve been to many outstanding burger places in California. I just don’t see how what they’re describing (a hamburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion) is any different whatsoever than anything available outside that state. I’m not saying there aren’t unique things in California, just that this press release does a terrible job distinguishing them. It sounds like something you could get at Sonic for Christ’s sake.

    • John

      Yeah, that just sounds like Steak ‘n Shake to me.

  • Jess

    As a California native and In-N-Out loyalist: this is ridiculous.

    • rctran

      +1 Pasadena native, and I am irrationally upset by this.

      • LosLobos

        As a Laguna native and devout member of the church of In-N-Out, this is BLASPHEMY

    • Norcal

      Also a CA native and almost more annoyed that they’re calling it “cali” burger.

  • dcd

    “ultimate Cali Double ($5.99) featuring two all-beef patties, melted American cheese, sliced ripe tomato, crisp iceburg lettuce and grilled sweet onions all topped with a signature sauce.”
    All that’s missing is the pickles, and you have a Big Mac. And now I’ve got that damn jingle in my head.

  • Kingman Park

    Looks like she’s got “the munchies” for a California Cheeseburger.

  • kwame

    If they’ve successfully copied the recipe from In-N-Out then hey I’m all for it. There refusal to expand beyond the west coast is mind boggling to me.

    • John

      Because they know their entire brand is built around people from the East Coast who post pictures on social media of In N’ Out when they travel to California to show their friends that they’re there, which creates an aura of exclusivity and a false narrative that the burger is actually better than it is.

    • msus

      Family run with a lot of family problems. That’s the short explanation why. They already make a ton of money, maybe they decided best way to maintain those profits is sticking to what they know.

    • Kingman Park

      They’re only in 6 states I think you’re ambitions are a little high.

    • LosLobos

      They say that they do so to maintain quality – i.e. non-frozen meat. Apparently, you can’t get quality fresh ingredients outside of California and Texas

      However, there it might have to do with being a family thing. The sole heir to the entire empire is(was) this really attractive young lady with several divorces at an early age.

  • maxwell smart

    Oh good! I know we have all been lamenting about the burger and milkshake void in the DC dining scene. Finally! Someone has answered our requests!

    • MadMax


  • BeverlyS

    Can we stop with this tired trope of women showing skin eating burgers? I understand how it might be effective but FFS try harder.

    • Hill Denizen

      At least make them eat the burger. I’m not convinced any of those ladies has ever even tried one of these burgers.

    • MadMax

      But how else could you possibly convey to someone that your burger comes from a warm state?!

    • mcd

      But in seriousness, I agree it is completely ridiculous.

  • Jared MacBride

    Isn’t Caliburger the group that now has a robot cooking burgers in at least one of its locations? On that basis alone I will pass.


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