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H Street. Whole Foods. March 15th

by Prince Of Petworth February 14, 2017 at 9:00 am 36 Comments

whole foods
Photo by Stephanie Unkel‎

Update: Full press release from Whole Foods:

“Whole Foods Market will open its newest Washington location on Wednesday, March 15, at 600 H St. NE. The store, designed to be the go-to destination for grocery shoppers east of the Capitol, will offer the highest quality natural and organic products, including fresh produce, meat, seafood and prepared foods.

“We’re thrilled to join the thriving H Street neighborhood,” said Donovan Morris, the store’s team leader and a 26-year Whole Foods Market veteran who most recently led the Foggy Bottom/GW store. “We’re offering a unique, exciting grocery shopping experience and a new destination for fast casual dining with gathering places for the community.”

Every item sold in the store meets Whole Foods Market’s rigorous quality standards and is free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

The 40,000-square-foot store includes:

· The first expanded Paper Horse venue by Chef Erik Bruner-Yang, introducing a larger Chinese diner-style menu, featuring Asian comfort foods

· Collaborations with Atlas Brew Works, including a first-to-market “Home Rule” brew and baked-from-scratch breads made from recycled brewer’s grain

· Exclusive local products, including sauces and spice blends from Maketto, Cava restaurant sauces and D.C.-based Snacklins’ vegan “pork rinds”

· Extensive hot and cold prepared foods bars, using local, natural and organic ingredients and offering seasonal dishes, ethnic cuisine and comfort food

· An intimate mezzanine pub with 16 local beers on tap, wine by the glass and a gourmet hot dog cart

· H Street’s only outdoor patio

The store’s 150 team members include trained butchers, fishmongers, scratch bakers and a team of chefs. The community is invited to join store and company leaders for a traditional bread-breaking ceremony at 8:45 a.m. on March 15. Opening day shoppers will be greeted with door-buster deals and an array of product demonstrations and samples.”

And so it is written. Thanks to all who tweeted, emailed and facebooked us. Props to Vaughn Sterling and Kim Coates who were first on the draw. T-1 month. Standby for Navy Yard and Pleasant Plains/Shaw Whole Foods updates.

Photo by Timothy Johnson

whole foods h st popville
6th and H Street, NE

  • dh

    finally. this is good news.

  • srw

    We have a date! Very excited about this.

  • Tara

    I just started wondering about the opening date this morning and sat down to google it. Funny to find a few-minutes-old story with the exact information I needed. Thanks, Popville!

  • Andrew

    Given the opening date, Whole Foods will probably end up getting stabbed by Brutus in a tragic end.

    • textdoc


  • Christian

    In better news, a Trader Joe’s is opening up in H Street area later this year, b/c Whole Foods is incredibly overpriced.

    • Anonymous

      Where is the Trader Joe’s on H Street going? I know about the one in Eastern Market, but I thought that was coming next year.

      • anonymous

        Going in at one of the Union Market developments.

      • neighbor

        I assume this comment refers to the one on Florida by Union Market

        • Christian

          Yup, the one near Union Market aka 3-4 blocks from H St but still in the general area. I’ll still shop at Giant though and if I set foot in Whole Foods I’ll just pretend that it’s still Murray’s

          • Dan on G St NE


    • Anonymous

      WF has good prices on some things, esp. the 365 brand dairy products and some of the other 365 products. While TJs generally has good prices, I think I noticed that soy milk was less expensive at WF.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    All we need now is Lululemon and gelato, and we’ll have the Yuppie Trifecta on H Street NE.

    • dh

      haters gonna hate

      • Lion of LeDroit

        Haha oh I can’t wait the Yuppie Trifecta :)

    • MadMax

      Gelato yes please. Get that flavored ice nonsense outta here.

      • kt

        you BETTER not be talking about Rita’s! i love that black cherry ice!

  • anon

    Yay! We live a block away so have been looking forward to this for a while. I have a feeling we’ll be frequenting the prepared food bar :D

    • DF

      Everything prepared at WF is so bland, they’re so scared of salt! (also, it’s insanely overpriced)

      • anon

        K. I happen to think it’s good in a pinch and it’s certainly cheaper than ordering Uber Eats (which is what we do now when we’re too lazy to cook). So it’s all relative. Not sure why some people are so against Whole Foods. We currently do all our shopping at the P St one and I find we don’t spend more money than when we go to Giant. Not to mention the quality is better.

  • Andy Clark

    “H Street’s only outdoor patio” Not true. May outdoor Patios on the street.

    • Who has a patio (not in the back) but actually on H Street?

      • Christain

        There are none. You could make a case that Impala’s is a side-patio instead of in the back, and DC Diner (corner of 13th & H has some patio seating but its technically on 13th, not H.

        • Christain

          Well, I for one, would also count the bench outside of Horace & Dickie’s, but I know I’m probably not in the majority opinion there ;)

      • Anon

        Chupacabra, Michos, and a few other places have patios that touch H Street.

        • Herbie

          They don’t touch h street. They are all on the side streets

      • K

        Do Michos, Cushbah and Nomad count? They touch H St. Does Ethiopic have patio seating. I haven’t eaten their in a while but when I walk by in the morning they have a patio area fenced off along H st.

      • Steve S

        Liberty Tree? It’s behind a fence/dumpster but it’s not behind the restaurant…

      • Jesse

        The hookah place on 12th and H.

      • MadMax

        There are probably half a dozen places with patios that touch H Street. (arguing about whether 60% is on a numbered street and 40% is on H Street just seems silly…it’s still ON H Street)

      • E

        RIP, Argonaut. Their patio is on the side, but comes up to the H St sidewalk.

  • Anon

    Anyone know the estimated opening date of the WF on Florida Ave NW?

    • Lion of LeDroit

      I believe that it’s slated to open sometime in 2019. In other words, not for a while.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    :Insert dancing lady emoji:


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