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Anyone Else Experiencing Verizon Issues? “still can’t make or receive calls”

by Prince Of Petworth February 6, 2017 at 10:40 am 38 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Elvert Barnes

“Dear PoPville,

We noticed that we couldn’t receive or make wireless calls on Friday morning around 8:30am. On an outbound call the call starts, goes for 10sec exactly and then we get a “Call Failed” message. Inbound calls come in but won’t connect just dead air until it says “Call Failed”. Verizon was typical and took 30 min on the phone (outside 5 blocks away in 30-degree weather) to admit the issue and couldn’t give an estimated time of completion.

By Saturday we lost WiFi (FIOS) and still can’t make or receive calls. My husband spends 30min on the phone with Verizon Saturday morning. Still no progress.

Sunday. Same.

So now I’m checking Twitter to see who else is having issues and it seems that our zip code is down (20009). And we can’t get any answers about when this comes back. As of 6pm, Verizon still had no answer when service would be back.

We live on the edge of Jack Evan’s district. I have tweeted to and emailed him… no word back as of 9:50pm.

Forget the fact that I and others run businesses and work from home and we are losing revenue (but Verizon will surely expect their monthly payment). More important, this is a public safety issue. We cannot call out or in. If I was in an accident and needed to reach my husband at home, it wouldn’t go through and vice versa.

We have been down for almost 4 days with ZERO update from Verizon other than that they “are working on it.”

  • Eric

    My wife and I are in the same situation.

  • Anon

    I’m in 20010 and our Verizon cell service has gradually been getting worse over the course of about 6 months. I can’t make calls in or near my house anymore. I have to walk down the block. Texts mostly get through, but frequently fail. I’ve also noticed service dead zones around the city. It’s frustrating.

  • Megan

    A friend of mine was having this issue too. She went into the verizon store and apparently, one of their cell towers is down in the area, resulting in the outage.

  • anon

    I’ve also been experiencing dead zones throughout the city, including around Mass Avenue and Georgia Avenue. What gives?

  • Ethan

    I woke up Sunday morning with this problem. I could make a call but then every time I’d speak I’d get the call failed message. I also kept getting a message prompting me to turn on WiFi calling. Amazingly, toggling airplane mode on and off seemed to solve the issue. Not sure if this is gonna work for everyone but just throwing it out there. FWIW I live in 20009.

  • Kevin

    We have FiOS in Truxton and haven’t seen any loss of service.

  • CapitalDame

    Our service was flickering on and off on Fios, but we both have verizon cell service and that was completely fine.

  • Michael

    I’ve been having this problem since Friday, and those who’ve visited my apartment who have Verizon have also had repeated call failures on iPhone. Only FaceTime Audio works on my phone in Dupont.

  • DCGirl

    Yes!!! I have been having the exact same issue north of Dupont (20009). I have two phones an iPhone 6 and a Samsung 7 and both stopped working on Friday. Calls either fail as soon as I dial, or they look like they’re going through but I experience dead air (though apparently folks I’m calling can here me).

    I’ve called Verizon 3 times, and they keep saying they have an “alert” in the DC area, but they can’t give me any idea when it will be fixed.

    I found a thread on Reddit last night in which a guy posted that a Verizon employee told him to switch his iPhone Cellular/Enable LTE option from “Voice & Data” to “Data Only.” I tried this, and was able to make a call from my iPhone this morning, but I have no idea what the equivalent setting is on my Samsung.

    The lack of updates and accurate information from Verizon is extremely frustrating.

  • Anon

    If you have an iPhone go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Enable LTE and choose Data Only. It will make all of your calls 3G only for the time being and it seems to work for me. So it appears to me that an LTE tower is down. I called Verizon Wireless this morning to file a report and they said it’s “under investigation.” So there’s that…

  • skaballet

    This is your landline, right? Not wireless? I’m in your zipcode and have had no issues with FIOS. I don’t have a landline.

    • skaballet

      Sorry I see now this is wireless. I have had no issues with making/receiving calls on my cell phone, but seems from above comments others have. Hopefully they get tower fixed soon.

  • B

    It’s down now in 20009.

  • anon20009

    I’m having the same issue in 20009

  • IgaveuponVerizon

    I had this issue about 2 years ago in 20002. They told me that the existing cell tower was overburdened, and there wasn’t anything they could do about it. I switched to T-Mobile.

  • Nancy

    Haven’t had any problems with Verizon in past week/s.

  • anon

    Also having this problem making calls with my cell phone! Thought it was just the numbers I was calling. I also live in 20009. Recently switched from AT&T and haven’t been impressed. I live by the zoo and service there is spotty to begin with.

    • lizcolleena

      Anyone considering switching over this – FWIW, I used to live in 20008 by the zoo and couldn’t get cell service inside my apartment from Sprint.

  • anonymous

    Regarding this point: “Verizon will surely expect their monthly payment”, I’ve had luck calling Verizon and Comcast and getting credit back for the days when I don’t have service. It’s oddly one of the easiest things I can get them to do.
    Particularly if it’s something like this where their equipment is at fault, call and ask that you not be charged while service is out. They are able to know the exact dates on their end, but it can’t hurt to note it yourself in case they make a mistake. If you’re better at negotiating than I am you might even be able to work out some other discount/credit to compensate for the hassle.

    • anonymous

      Just realized I forgot something: if you can’t find a way to call them (I understand if you’re phone is out you can’t exactly do so), you can also note down the dates and try to get the credit after the fact. I’ve had luck with this as well.

  • DupontLife

    Thank you for posting this! I thought my iPhone 7 was a lemon and went into the Apple store only for them to reset it and waste 3 hours of my life stuck at the Genius bar. If this happens again I may have to seriously think about leaving Verizon. I live in 20009 – North Dupont. I feel better knowing I wasn’t alone thinking my phone was going crazy.

  • Ryan

    I’d recommend contacting the regulatory agency for the service that is problematic. DC’s OCT is very helpful in escalating issues to the providers. The FCC will just forward along wireless complaints to the carrier but they will want it resolved fast. Good luck !

    Cellular / Verizon Wireless Conplaints

    Complaints for FiOS, Comcast, RCN

    • Anon

      I’ve found that Comcast is VERY responsive only after I file FCC complaints. It’s a great resource for consumers.

  • Halp

    Can someone please post a link or phone number for people, like myself, who are experiencing this issue?

  • PetlessInPetworth

    No issues up in petworth (20011) to report. Must be really isolated to one tower!

  • NDupont

    It’s very isolated to a small area of North Dupont around Florida/18 and a few block radius as far as I can tell. I live in this area and it went out sometime Friday afternoon. If you walk down near Dupont Circle, it isn’t an issue, and once you get north by 18/Columbia it isn’t an issue either. Not sure where the actual tower is.

    • AMDCer

      Interesting – my house falls in that zone. Just a shot in the dark, but I wonder if the construction at Marie Reed is the culprit. Perhaps there was a cell tower/repeater (or something, I don’t know how this stuff works) that got damaged.

  • Z

    I had this same problem until this morning when the umpteenth rep I spoke with said that if you have HD Calling on, it seems to be conflicting with WiFi splitters, extenders, etc. So I was able to turn it off (Samsung 6 under advanced calling options) and that fixed the problem. I think it us under LTE options for iphones.

  • AMDCer

    Yup – started noticing issues on Friday evening in 20009. My mother kept trying to call me on Saturday night and I couldn’t hear her, though I think she could hear me. Finally resorted to email.

  • Paul

    I have the exact same problem. I live in 20009 and this problem manifested itself on Friday morning for both my iphone and droid. As soon as I am 1 block from my home there is not a problem. However, when inside my home neither phone works properly. The caller can hear me fine but I hear nothing. It doesn’t even ring. I have the exact timeline and issue as you .

  • Kevin

    Could be an antenna issue at the tower or a problem with the gear in the shelter. Surprised Verizon hasn’t addressed this as this was my bread and butter working with AT&T.

    -Former MasTec employee

  • KatyinDC

    Hi everyone, OP here.

    I can attest that the workaround regarding removing LTE voice does work. However, at about 12:50 this afternoon we got our full, regular service back (1800block of T St). Not sure if it is back for everyone or if it is rolling updates.

    Big thank you to Dan here at PoPville for sharing this issue so that we can get the latest updates out there. Lord knows, Verizon won’t share anything. Their lack of coordination and communication is perhaps the most frustrating part of this experience.

    Also many thanks to all who have shared their experience and advice here and all who joined together on Twitter to bring attention to the issue by Verizon and Councilman Evans. I heard from Evans this morning that his office was in touch with Verizon on the issue. Also – NBC4 has been in the neighborhood investigating. If you continue to have issues please speak up so that we can make sure to address ongoing issues.

    • AMDCer

      Thanks for the update!

  • Sara

    I have had the same problem since Friday night and dealing with verizon has been super frustrating. They essential said a third part caused the issue so they dont know when it will be up and running again. But they “were sure someone was on it”

  • KatyinDC

    Hi all,

    One more note from me – Derrick Ward at NBC4 just let me know that Verizon is telling him that the issue is resolved as of 3:30pm. Hopefully, this is true for all who have been having issues. If not – please comment!

  • DCgirl

    Thanks so much. I will test it out as soon as I get home. The worst part about the whole experience was lack of information. I really appreciate having this page confirm I wasn’t crazy!

  • Nicole

    I had the same issue all day Saturday and part of Sunday.

    • Nicole

      I should add; I Looked into the issue online, turned off LTE service and went back to 3G, and that seemed to fix the issue for now.


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