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  • John

    I believe you mean “murderers'”

    • I fixed that before you commented just for the record :)

      • textdoc

        Not showing up as fixed yet. (At least for me.)

  • AK

    There’s a Nandos a few blocks away; were there plans to move to this location?

    • Elkhaert

      I think it was a joke, since its pretty much every other big DC fast casual restaurant on that strip.

  • Mike

    But we already have a Nando’s…it’s in the boiler maker shop building. Been there since about 2012(?)
    Perhaps you are thinking of something else.

  • CapitalDame

    Way too excited about all of these options.

  • ST21

    Not bad. Was hoping for more original bars/restaurants but I guess on that side of the building fast casual makes sense.

  • Michael Pierce

    It’s practically a food court! Now that the neighborhood finally has more than a handful of fast food places, I wonder how long it’ll be till the Nats stop allowing people to bring their own food into the ballpark. Actually, that rule change wouldn’t bother me too much, if it put an end to the guy who sits next to me bringing in those disgusting-smelling kale salads every single night.

    • boybert

      I think very few parks don’t allow outside food, right? Kale salad, huh? What inspired ballpark fare.

    • Ben

      The city owns Nats stadium so I don’t think they have control over the right to bring food in. In fact I think the city has some provisions with the team to make MLB affordable for district residents, which is why the team offers same day $5 tickets.

    • navyard

      heheh. I live pretty close to the ballpark, and while I usually bring some snacks into the park, there’s little I look forward to more than the completely unhealthy options that ballpark food offers. There is no guilt and there are no calories or heart blockage at the ballpark!

      But when Costco pistachios exist, I have no idea why anyone would ever buy those gnarly soggy peanuts.

    • Ross

      I love a good kale salad, but there’s nothing appealing about eating one at the ballpark on a steamy summer evening in DC.

  • Hill Denizen

    Chopt 3 blocks from Sweetgreen???

    • CapitalDame

      With the businesses and proximity to the stadium, I don’t see that as an issue. I live in the area and am 3 blocks from the Chop’t and 6 from the SweetGreen, so its nice to have something closer.

  • kanon

    But no cava grill :(

    • Pleasanter

      Roti is nearly identical in my opinion as a vegetarian.

  • pat

    excited to try Rasa


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