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Victim Shot in Petworth around 11am “caught on video this crazy amount of gunshots”

by Prince Of Petworth February 15, 2017 at 12:25 pm 26 Comments

petworth shooting
Photo by CH

“Something’s up near the 800 block of Crittenden – Buchanan to Decatur and 8th to 9th was blocked off”

“Dear PoPville,

It was a quiet morning around Sherman Circle when I decided to take my dogs for a walk. Just as I open the door the Ring doorbell activated itself and caught on video this crazy amount of gunshots. So scary and so dangerous!! There is a significant amount of cops at 9th and Crittenden… again!! Already a busy summer around that area. Just wondering when is going to stop!!”

MPD reports:

“Today around 11:00 am, MPD responded to the sounds of gunshots in the 4700 block of 9th Street, NW. The victim was located at a local hospital and is currently undergoing emergency medical treatment. The case is being investigated by detectives of the Fourth District. There is no additional information that can be provided at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this offense can call the MPD at (202)727-9099 or text at 50411.”

  • Neighbor

    Sh#T! I’ve been driving my kids down these blocks lately given my route home from school. It’s been so quiet with no gunshots for a short spell, was wondering when it would kick in again. Time to find alternate route until MPD and CM Todd can finally once and for all end all the gun violence around Sherman Circle.

    • ke

      I don’t understand why this can’t be cleaned up, but the 8th & Crittenden area is an ongoing, well-known, documented problem area. I attended some MPD meetings years ago about shootings in that area and was told, over and over, “we’re investigating, we can’t give you information, we’re aware of the bad guys, etc.” I stopped going to the meetings after getting tired of being treated like a mushroom – kept in the dark and fed a bunch of manure.
      Actually, I’m probably part of the problem because I got tired and gave up on being the squeaky wheel. If we as a community raised more hell about this area, maybe we would get more traction.

      • jonah

        This is the Police Service Area (PSA) 407. They hold a public meeting every two months where concerned neighbors can come and ask questions and talk to the local officers. The next one is tomorrow Thursday night at 7pm at 801 Shepherd. Please come and demand answers.

        • Anontmous

          We shouldn’t have to attend a damn meeting. MPD should just do their damn job. So sick of political answers and in some cases victim blaming. I just want to be safe.

  • Rooney

    Crazy! It did make me laugh how quickly and calmly the person in the video went back inside.

    • Anonymous

      The two dogs were like, “Nope!” as they turned around and headed back inside.

  • anon

    It’s hard to discern from the video how many shots there were — at first listen, it only seemed like a handful. Not that this matters to the victim.

  • sad neighbor

    I’m so saddened to read about this. I hope the victim is okay and that this is not the start of a string of shootings.

  • Anon

    Put the mpd camera back on Crittenden!!!!

    • Anon

      Nah – Mayoral wannabe Kenyan McDuffie will find the shooters and ensure that DC pays them not to commit any more criminal acts! A much better way of dealing with sociopaths…for sure!

  • .

    Question: does the MPD track and publicly report on gunshots? I’m aware of the crime map on their website but I would be interested to see the data on reported gunshots that weren’t tied to a victim or damaged property.

    • In my experience they do not publicly report all sound of shots fired. There is shotspotter data but it is not 100%.

    • James W.

      The data should exist somewhere, since the District uses ShotSpotter. An analysis from a few years ago showed that police were called to fewer than half of gunfire incidents in the District. In some districts it was as low as 1 or 2 incidents in 10.

    • textdoc

      IIRC, Jonah (who posted above) has done some excellent work in using released data to create maps. He might be able to answer your question as to what kind of data is available from MPD, and maybe clarify MPD’s terminology. (I can’t remember what the terms are for cases when people get hit vs. when property is damaged, and whether MPD uniformly describes other cases as “sounds of gunshots” or what.)

      • jonah

        I have tried to track all gun related incidents in MPD District 4, which roughly covers Ward 4 east of Rock Creek and northern Ward 5. I plot these on a google map you can see at http://www.bit.ly/petworthshootings

        I track MPD reported shootings as well as residents reporting hearing/seeing shootings. There isn’t a great resource that combines these in everything I have reviewed. There is a bit of a gap with “sounds of gun fire” where MPD may not be notified or doesn’t find evidence for various reasons and has no official report of a shooting. The map doesn’t have everything from late Jan/Feb yet so this incident is not yet on there but will be shortly.

        The terminology you may hear from MPD is:

        sounds of gun fire – Residents or shot spotter reporting gun fire to MPD but no evidence is found to confirm the report.

        shots fired – A confirmed shooting where there is no one struck by a bullet, or no one found suffering from a bullet wound

        shooting – Confirmed gun fire where an individual has been struck

        • data nerd

          WOW thank you so much for all the info! I can’t imagine the amount of work that you put into this. How do you gather data on where ATVs are being stored?

          • jonah

            ATV’s are either from MPD arrest report info or neighbors sharing locations.

        • textdoc

          Thanks, Jonah!

  • Buzz

    Any response, comment or press conference from our elected officials on the recent spat of shootings?

    My guess is no. They’d rather distract us with press events dealing with “right to die legislation” and sanctuary city status.

    • jonah

      Councilmember Todd’s staff has tweeted that they are on the scene of this shooting. They may have shared updates via other medium but I haven’t looked for it. CM Todd himself typically goes to them when he can and provides updates via social media and neighborhood listservs.

      • Buzz

        Okay, I’ll look again. Seems like Todd is out to lunch, but if you saw something by his staff, good to know that someone is paying attention.

        • Anontmous

          Todd isn’t the problem although the buck stops with him and the mayor. The problem is MPD and Manlapaz. Also lack of active investigations.

    • textdoc

      It’s not really an either/or (D.C. crime vs. issues of federal-D.C. friction).

  • asdf

    Is there a lot of echo in that video, or does it sounds like machine gun fire? Nuts.

    Also, those dogs are cute. They move in absolute unison.

    • stacksp

      Echo and possibly multiple shooters

  • JL

    This shit needs to end. There are constant problems on 8th & 9th street.


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