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“I wanted to give the Wizards a shout out”

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2017 at 10:40 am 23 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to give the Wizards a shout out here. They have been balling lately, and last night was an absolute thriller against the Cavaliers, defending world champions. The Wiz ultimately lost in overtime, breaking their streak of 17 straight home wins, but the atmosphere was electric and basketball fans around the country are starting to take notice of them being one of the top teams in the league.

The Wizards are largely overlooked in DC compared to the other three major sports teams, but if anyone is looking to join the bandwagon, now is the time. Tickets are generally cheap as long as they aren’t playing an elite team, and it’s a great escape for a few hours from everything else going on. Go Wiz.”

  • Dupont Dude

    This year’s Wizards team is the best the city has had in 30 years! Get in now in preparation for some great playoff games this Spring!

    • That Man A

      Not true
      we were closer to contenders when we had out “big three”

      • Dupont Dude

        Nope. Arenas/Jamison/Butler, while good and exciting, were never true contenders. They only advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs one time.

        Wall/Beal/Porter are still young and improving, have already advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs TWICE, and are trending upward and playing great basketball. A much brighter future than the Gil years ever had, and I’m as big a Gil fan as they come.

  • stacksp

    I will be in attendance this spring during the playoff run…. Probably the front runner for the game of the year in the NBA with Lebron owning the shot of the year so far…

    • bdale homie

      Imagine a 7-game series between these two teams…

  • ST21

    I welcome bandwagoners to the #WizWagon… Been a diehard for 15 years and this is the best team we have had since the ’05-’07 Gilbert Arenas squads- and we are actually much better than those teams were.

    • stacksp

      I still think we need another big. Morris fouling out was huge because he actually has the body type to match up with Jae Crowder, Lebron, and Milsap etc. As much as I like Oubre, he is naturally a 3 and his body still hasnt fully filled out which is expected as I am not sure that he is even 20 yet. Is Mahimi (sp) ever going to play?

      • ST21

        Mahinmi theoretically should be that BIG you are looking for. He can defend the paint and clean up the glass- should stabilize the D on the 2nd unit. Reports are that he should be back within the next week.
        If they make a trade for a backup guard in addition to getting Mahinmi back they could make a run at the Finals. Verizon would be poppin

        • jim_ed

          They desperately need a backup guard who can score consistently and let Beal and John reduce their minutes down the stretch. Lou Williams could be a miracle worker for this team.

          • stacksp

            Burke was supposed to be that but it has not panned out imo.

          • bdale homie

            Satoransky is quickly filling this roll

          • Kingman Park It

            Satoransky is a nice player, but boy the spacing can struggle with him no the floor.. He would be perfect for the second unit scoring role if he could shoot even adequately from 3 point range.

            Also, great post. It’s always been sad to me that the Wiz are overlooked. This season has been so much fun.

        • Joysbrother

          Depth of playoff run depends entirely on whether Mahinmi contributes significantly. We need 8/8 out of him off the bench.

          Also, “The Wizards are largely overlooked in DC compared to the other three major sports teams”: GTFOH

          • Kingman Park It


            Having been to multiple games of all four major teams here, I’d absolutely say that the Wizards are largely overlooked comparatively.

            You can argue that this is because they’re poorly run, but I think they’re overlooked regardless.

  • anon7

    Last night’s game was fantastic! Bradley Beal is definitely living up to that contract.

  • Mike

    I could not agree more.

    DC cares far too little about this gem of a basketball team.

    I for one, am 100% onboard.


  • jim_ed

    YES to all of this. People sleeping on the Wiz are missing out on what’s easily been our most successful playoff team in the last decade. John Wall is a special talent who is woefully underappreciated nationally, and only now starting to get his due. This team has a core that can legit challenge to make the finals and is also fun as hell to watch.

    • dcd

      “what’s easily been our most successful playoff team in the last decade”
      I think the Caps would argue with that. However, if true, in the last 10 years, the Wiz are 16-21 in the playoffs, have missed the postseason as often as they’ve made it, and have never made it past the second round. Translation – DC sports are terrible.

  • JLaxDC

    Was lucky enough to be at last night’s game and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Even though he had a relatively quiet game last night, do yourself a favor and go watch John Wall in person.

  • Charlie

    On the other side, I went to the game vs the Sixers a couple of weeks ago and there were literally people chanting Sixer’s chants louder than Wizards. I guess it depends on the game.

  • Effie

    The Wizards deserve more credit and popularity.. I’m not sure why basketball isn’t more popular in DC

    • ST21

      It’s the most popular sport in the city. Don’t let the lack of buzz for its NBA team fool you. DC has always been a historically great basketball town. Walk into almost any high school gym in the area where a game is going down and you will find huge crowds and tons of college scouts. The wiz fanbase is a sleeping giant honestly- there just hasn’t been much to get excited for the past decade. Even when the team was doing sorta well everyone knew there was a limited ceiling for how good they could be. This team feels different. I think Leonsis really underestimated how damaged the fanbase was after the Gilbert Arenas GunGate incident. He got a little cocky in my opinion and assumed he could win ppl over the same way he did with the caps. It hasn’t happened and the attempts to connect the fanbase have been weak. Momentum seems to be changing however. I love that they are finally getting buzz

  • futureMrsWall

    YES this makes me so happy. I have such a hard time finding friends to watch wizards games with, but I love this team so much!!!!!!!!!


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