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  • Anon

    Cool. Anyone know what it’s going to be?

  • MadMax

    The permits are listed as residential.

  • Tom

    Man, they weren’t kidding with that whole “Evolve D.C.” thing

  • Kellye

    According to the Evolve site, it’s been sold to OPaL Development. Their site says:

    Family Size Condominiums
    with Parking, Terraces and Elevator Access

    Unit 101:: Two level home, 2 bedrooms + den, garage parking – $1,750,000
    Unit 201:: Single level home, 3 bedrooms, garage parking – $1,595,000
    Unit 301:: Single Level Home, 3 bedrooms, garage parking – $2,000,000

    Yikes! A friend lives across the street in a 1br condo and pays like $600-something /mo in mortgage.

    • ET

      Sorry but a million and a quarter for a 2 bedroom seems extreme especially in what looks to be a a non-traditional looking (from the front) condo building or townhouse. I would say the same for the other units as well.

  • textdoc

    Is this within the historic district? Other than the window type they used for the upper/set-back portion of the building, I really like what they did (building a top addition with the same setback as the rowhouses next to it, and restoring the brick front of the garage).

    • MadMax

      Yes it is, not sure how the restrictions convey to commercial spaces though.

      • textdoc

        Not sure that commercial vs. residential makes a difference where HPRB approval is concerned — I imagine they both have to submit proposals/designs for HPRB approval.

  • Blithe

    Nice! Very nice! This might be the only pop-up that I’ve ever applauded! I actually prefer this version — or at least what I can see of it — to the original.

  • Morton

    I’m the owner in an OPaL development (Morton St. Mews) and they do hands down some of the best work in DC. Top it off that they are pure professionals and all around wonderful people. I hope to buy from them again if the situation works out.

  • dcgent

    So, I had heard that after one painted brick, it wasn’t smart to strip the paint off ever. Did they reface the front or can one remove paint in a safe way

  • Vered

    Windows suck. Why wouldn’t they try to match the windows in the original building?

    Otherwise nice that it was mindful of neighbors’ height and proportions, and corrects the ugly gap that existed before.

    • textdoc

      I suspect it was because there _was_ no original building other than the one-story garage. If there had been an original second-floor/third-floor building, they probably would’ve had to match the original windows.

    • textdoc

      Never mind; I think I misread/misunderstood your post. Yeah, it would’ve been better if they’d tried to match the windows, but I guess since they weren’t required to, they didn’t.

  • JayDC

    Take note DC architects. This is the way to design/build something new that blends in nicely with the surrounding buildings.

  • Jive Cleavon

    Hideous architecture.


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