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  • Joshua

    It’s subtle.

  • GBinCH

    I would hate living next to this house. They thinking they’re being artistic, but it just looks like their yard is full of junk.

    • KPS

      But it’s supposed to be all good because they took a swipe at D Trump and who doesn’t love that, you know, BECAUSE THIS KIND OF BRAVERY IS SO RARE. (rolls eyes)

  • KPS

    Ugly, junky, and immature. Nothing cute or funny about this display. As a side note: I wonder if it ever occurs to some folks how wacky they’re becoming by letting Donald Trump live rent-free in their minds 24/7.

    • northeazy

      +1. Apparently the resistance has no taste.

  • Jay

    Anyone know what the story is with this house/yard. They always have the yard filled with some kind of garbled display. I kind of like them though.

  • AC

    Did they remove the broken toilet from the display? Anything besides that is an upgrade.

    My kids, of course, love this place and think it’s an invitation to come play with all the kitschy stuff. I avoid this house to prevent the inevitable conflict.


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