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  • LCinDC

    Taylor Carney @ Compass!

  • I used Dina Paxenos to sell my condo in Petworth. She knows the upper NW market extremely well, being a resident there herself.

  • anonymous

    in this market- yourself!

    • JohnH

      Seriously. Or ask what realtors suck.

  • AsAMother

    Joe Scavetta at Keller Williams

  • Suse

    Boucie Addison – Wash. Fine Properties. She sold my late mother’s co-op in 3 days.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Joshua Oliver @ Keller Williams. One of the best in the biz.

    • MCR

      Second this. Josh is the best ever.

  • Bloomingdale Buddy

    Mike Makris is the only way to go! He knows DC, he is fair and honest. WE have used him several times and are very happy. http://www.mcenearney.com/our-associates/info/michaelmakris/

    • B’Dale Res

      Makris is by far the best real estate agent to work with. He will drop everything to ensure your needs are met. Class act!

    • Happy in Bloomongdale

      Mike Makris not only knows the homes he is selling, he also knows the neighborhoods he sells in. Can help inform buyers about said areas during open houses and can also inform sellers of possible changes to the neighborhood so they have the knowledge. Will always pick up when you call and works his butt off for his clients. Heck, he even introduced me to most of the staff at Boundary Stone, my new local, after grabbing a beer after a viewing. Got my vote all day!!

  • Bought and sold quite a few places with Christopher Georgatsos – W.C. & A.N. Miller – can’t recommend him enough. Nicest guy, no pressure, patient when I’m neurotic, and has even got me out of a jam or two. I consider him a friend at this point.

    • Stacey M.

      I second the recommendation for Rachel

  • FrenchieDC

    Kevin J. Wood with Slate Properties. He’s a great agent and really knows the Petworth market as he lives there.

  • oldhouselover

    We had a great experience with Redfin, actually, and they put a heckofa lot of money back in your pocket compared with traditional realtors.

    • stacksp

      I have been hearing great things regarding Redfin

      • IsoTopor

        They’re being recognized more and more. Big impact!

    • anon

      we used them to sell and buy, was great

    • Deebs

      I had a terrible experience buying with Redfin. The realtor was non-responsive over 24 hours when I was trying to put an offer on a house that had an offer deadline, and when I heard from him after the radio silence there was no explanation for why he was unreachable, and ultimately blew the deadline. In this market, maybe it’s worth it to use them for selling due to the fee difference, but I’ll never use them again.

      • oldhouselover

        yeah, I would actually prob not go with Redfin for buying. You need to hire an attack dog for an agent to get in the mix in this town. Flip side is, buyers don’t typically pay commission, so hire someone you get along with who’s aggressive. For selling, Redfin was perfect for us b/c 1. they’re a fraction of the cost of traditional realtors, and 2. their photographer and stager was amazing (and that’s like half the battle). DC is still a sellers market, so I feel like the value-add of a realtor is lower, but doing it all ourselves seemed intimidating. Redfin was the perfect compromise for us.

  • Anony

    Andre Perez at District Partners Real Estate! Incredible knowledge and attention to detail

  • PetworthGuy

    Julie Zelaska – Liberty Properties

  • Eileen D

    I can’t say enough great things about Tyler Jeffrey at Washington Fine Properties!

    • Anon

      +1 And his business partner, Robert Crawford. We worked with them to buy one property, sell another, and they were fantastic.

  • rhs

    Adding another Compass-er – Shane Reeder!

  • Chris
  • G. Willikers

    My wife and I used Elliot Barber of The Maplesden Group of Long & Foster. He was great – attentive, responsive, really knows the market, and is a really good dude.


  • wmm

    Cara Pearlman or Jay Bauer with Compass!

  • Mercedes Larr

    Taylor Carney at Compass is amazing! He knows DC inside and out. He’s honest and bends over backwards for his clients! He’s been great!!

  • ALongFellow

    Has anyone tried to do a For Sale by owner using HomeZen or another service? I am considering selling my place in NE too, but would love to save the 3%.

    • anonymous

      Just list it on Zillow- you will get calls from agents looking to use them as a listing agent– but you will also get direct buyers contacting you- or buyers agents w/clients looking. The buying agent will submit the contract for to anyway. All you have to do is the disclosures etc. Most title companies have in house attorneys that can assist with these. Piece of cake.

  • lizcolleena

    Recommend Jennifer Myers of Dwell!

  • M

    I second Jennifer Myers at Dwell!

    • Trinidaddy

      Also a shout out to Jennifer Myers at Dwell. She is fantastic.

  • Anon

    Trump’s a good real estate guy I’ve heard. Local too.

  • Shawville22

    Elizabeth Mandle of Washington Fine Properties

    Smart, kind, diligent and a gem to work with


  • dcd

    Mandy Mills and David Getson at, believe it or not, Compass. You can find them at mandyanddavid(dot)com. They not only helped with all the prep work – decluttering, staging, etc. – but convinced us to list the place 4 weeks before I thought we should, and for significantly more than I thought we should. They were right both times, and as a result, the condo sold for nearly six figures more than I thought it would. Now, maybe that’s a commentary on my lack of knowledge of the real estate market, but it’s also a testament to them being right, and changing my mind about the most important commercial transaction to date in my life.

    • anon

      I’d second Mandy and David. I’ve bought and sold a few places with them over the years. They sold my condo two years ago in five days at an asking price well above what I was expecting. They are so well coordinated with a team of people that the process was pretty much painless.

  • inBrightwood

    Shane Reeder at Compass! He’s fantastic. Super focused on all your needs. https://www.compass.com/agents/dc/shane-reeder/

  • Double Down

    If you’re looking for knowledgable and enthusiastic, Jon Rudick is your guy.
    He knows NW DC like the back of his hand and will give you tons of insight into selling ideas.

  • anon5

    The bigger question is, how many realtor’s offices are telling all their employees to login to popville right now and pose as joyful customers?

    • textdoc

      Yep — I’m seeing a lot of unfamiliar usernames here.

      • dcd

        Not me!

  • Elvis’s Mom

    My friend just used Kara Johnson at Keller Williams and had a great experience – quick sell and way above list!

    • Anon1111

      Came here to say this. Kara is amazing – I’ve used her twice!

  • B

    Des McKenna with DCHomeBuzz. The whole team is great. They have a flat-fee sales commission so you end up saving over the 3% model and you know how much is going to them right from the jump. Even with the flat-fee approach, they market your place aggressively. I used them to sell my condo and will use them again when it comes time to sell my house.

    • Kara

      Another strong endorsement for Des! He is wonderful.

  • GreenLine Fan!

    I recommend GreenLine, hands down! If you can work with Tom Spier, you won’t regret it – though I’m sure anyone on his team is as good as he is. He’s been in the business forever and really knows his stuff. He’s focused on all the big and little stuff that goes into selling a place and will represent you well.

  • Mr. Magoo

    Matt Zanolli at Compass is great. He knows NW DC like the back of his hand, and will give you excellent representation and service. Highly recommended!

    • RG

      I second Matt Zanolli! He’s great!

  • MK
  • Loren

    Joe Himali at Soethby’s!!!

  • anono

    GlassHouse Real Estate – you get 1.5% commission back and they are amazingly responsive. We used them to buy our house and I regret not using them to sell. They are a small team (4 people) and really take care of you. They know the market.


  • TropicBird

    Jim Norris, formerly of Taylor now with Sotheby’s, he knows the city, he knows his stuff. Helped us with our condo in Adams Morgan and our house in Petworth. http://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/associate/180-a-905-4003988/james-norris

    • U street & Shaw

      What is great about Jim (and also Rob and Brent with Sotheby’s) is that they are really about building long term relationships rather than quick sales. My experience with Compass is that they were more interested in what would work best for the relator rather than us. We needed to sell to buy. Compass wanted us to sell first and then buy whatever was on the market at that time. Compass also asked us to put in a bunch of money to our old place to sell it. Jim and Rob appreciated that it only made sense to sell if we were also going to be sure we would end up in a place we loved. They negotiated for us to buy our new place with a sale contingency. They then sold our old place in a weekend for more than asking without us putting in any money just de-cluttering. Recommend them highly.

  • ryan2499

    Jason Martin Group http://www.jasonmartingroup.com/

    Jason is super down to earth, an extremely hard worker and absolutely puts his clients needs above all else.

  • Formerly Keefer

    As a native and returned resident of Upper Northwest I would say Kerry Fortune Carlson with Washington Fine Properties. She and the company know their area exceedingly well and might have a pocket listing or two to see.

  • 16thSter

    Whomever you pick, just make sure that they know the type of apartment your selling. I went with the same realtor who helped with my purchase. He had no idea how to sell a coop.

  • Elizabeth M.

    Elysia Casaday- I’ve both bought and sold with her. She’s remarkable.

  • Fmr RI Ave.

    I’ve bought and sold multiple homes with Martin Signore at Keller Williams Capitol Properties (http://signorescarlett.com/). I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is excellent at all stages of the sale: from preparation for listing all the way through the final closing. He knows the market very well and is incredibly responsive, which is important when selling a house!

  • David L Hendrix

    Silvana Dias is awesome. Helped us with two places. Lives and works in NW.


  • RealtorRec

    Rick Sanchez or Morty Smith are hands-down the best realtors I’ve worked with. They’re local and very easy to work with.

  • kd

    Lavina Ramchandani at Washington Fine Properties

  • APNJ

    We used Clay Burke at McEnearney Associates to sell and buy in NW. Absolutely recommend Clay and his team.

  • NW Recs

    Jeffrey Jackson at KW is great- and lives/sells/buys a ton of property in NW. We’ve used him and highly recommend.

    Plus he knows everyone…

  • Wow – clearly a whole lot of real estate agents follow PoPville!

  • M

    Jesse Oakley, Beditz Group, Keller Williams in DC. Friendly, patient, knowledgeable and helps every step of the way.

  • Aaron
  • Anonymouse

    Why bother with a realtor these days to sell a house? If the house is renovated and in a hot location like U Street, Columbia Heights, or H Street/Atlas, it will sell itself in a few days and you can skip paying 6% commission. I seriously get like 10 offers a week for my rowhouse in Pleasant Plains.

    At the very least you can use a service like Redfin which has significantly reduced fee. Don’t throw away money just because the process seems scary. It is not. You can always have an attorney review the contract and closing docs for a lot less than realtor fees.

  • j

    Jake Abbott & Shemaya Klarr @ Berkshie Hathaway. Brookland rocks!!!

  • Anon

    Paul Sliwka and his team at Central Properties (http://centralpropertiesdc.com/)

  • BornandraisedinPETWORTH

    Phil Di Ruggiero from GreenLine Real Estate is the best agent in Petworth. He has listed and sold multiple properties for me. His experience, knowledge, marketing tactics and expertise in the Washington DC area allows him to give you the best representation you can get PERIOD. Whenever I am dealing with real estate he is the first person I call!

  • new ward1 resident

    Funda Topvglu w/ RealtyPros is very knowledgeable about the DC market as a long term resident of the District. Although her niche is investors, her time and dedication and patience with us as first time home buyers could not be matched. Her response time is impeccable and we have already recommended her to a number of our friends who were buying second homes as well as first time buyers with excellent results. Her email : [email protected]

  • SJ Breuner
  • Erica

    Highly recommend Khalil El-Ghoul and his team at Glass House Real Estate. They are full-service and only charge 1.5% commission to sellers. Super responsive, very helpful throughout the entire process and include costs for professional staging, photography and marketing within that 1.5% commission! glasshousere.com


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