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“Any information on ways to support local mosques?”

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2017 at 1:30 pm 10 Comments

muslims welcome

“Dear PoPville,

Any information on ways to support local mosques? Events they’re hosting? Or just ways to be better neighbors? I know that if I were in their shoes I’d be in a lot of pain–I want them to know we think of them as an essential part of our community.”

  • anom anon

    The Sackler, as part of their exhibit about the art of the Qur’an. is hosting a lecture called “Islam in Washington: Then and Now” on February 19th at 2pm. I don’t think it is sponsored by a local mosque, but probably would give a broader insight into their community and role in local history.


  • EE

    Say hello and visit, especially with the ones in the suburbs. Also say hello to your muslim and minority neighbors and get to know them, their quirks, their religious practices, and their cultural practices. While I try to say hello to all my neighbors and get to know them, many people are fearful of rejection and many of my neighbors have rebuffed my contact.

  • yiribad

    The bookstore manager at the Islamic Center of Washington is very nice and can connect you with people. Also,

    Muslims for Progressive Values

  • Nancy

    I sent letters to mosques in cities around the country (choosing cities in states Trump won handily). Just saying that people do support them, and to know we stand with and behind them.

    • wpk_dc

      Love that!

  • Shaw

    We share a backyard with the mosque on NJ ave, and I originally went by there with cookies when I needed something (like, hey, can I use your drive way next weekend for a delivery–neighbor issues). I just walked in and said who I was and asked who I should talk to and then sat down and chatted with people as I waited. I ended up getting a tour of the whole mosque, the houses around it where people who work there live, and a long overview of their community programs. It was like a two hour thing with probably 15 people stopping to talk to me as I was led around by their imam.

    What struck me was 1) around here a lot of muslims who are hanging out doing the community programs are elderly native black washingtonians and probably people you chat with a lot on their porches already if you are friendly on your street. and 2) it really reminded me of every church basement I’ve ever been in. It can feel like you want to approach people in a more formal way to show your support, and that’s great. But think about what you did when you were a kid with your faith community. I mean the boring stuff! You had clothes drives. Canned food drives. There were women’s groups. Things like that. Maybe knock on the door and ask if they ever do food drives you can contribute to, or if they ever take winter coat donations or something. It’ll be an easy way to get chatting and you’ll learn more about the community. They also post all of their calendars on their websites, which was very helpful for me so I could check and not stroll in during the middle of prayers. They would have been totally gracious, it just would have been a very busy time.

    • wpk_dc

      Great comment!

  • SS

    Great idea.

    I’d encourage reaching out to mosques serving communities in the District. For example, Masjid Muhammad (http://thenationsmosque.org/), First Hijra (http://firsthijrah.org/), and Ivy City Masjid (https://www.facebook.com/ivycitymasjid/). There are lots of mosques in the suburbs, but too often Muslim communities in the District are overlooked.

    Everyone should also check out and support America’s Islamic Heritage Museum in SE DC (http://www.aihmuseum.org/).

    Aside from mosques, there are many community organizations run by young adult Muslims in the city. Consider reaching out to The Center DC (www.facebook.com/TheCenterDC/), DC Townhall Dialogue (http://www.townhalldialogue.com/), or Yaro Collective (http://www.yarocollective.com/). There are also local Muslim Student Associations at GWU, Georgetown, AU, and Howard.

    Be mindful that many mosques and community orgs are having to take security precautions given threats and vandalism – try not to be creepy/pushy.

  • sylvia

    Contribute to the Muslim women’s shelter in Baltimore – they need a lot of help.



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