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“We enjoyed opening a Yamas at your amazing DC neighborhood but it was not meant to be.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 22, 2017 at 10:22 pm 11 Comments

1946 New Hampshire Ave, NW just south of U off 16th

Thanks to a reader for sending word about Yamas closing their other DC location. They closed their Adams Morgan location over the summer (now home to Ben Tre Vietnamese Cuisine. Yamas opened at 16th and U back in May 2014. Updates when we learn who takes over the space.


  • jcd

    Oh no! I live quite close to here; this was my go-to place for a reasonably healthy dinner when I didn’t want to cook. I thought the lamb was particularly good. I don’t think I ever saw it especially busy, and the frequently-changing service staff was sometimes not well-informed about the menu choices.

  • David T.

    I never got around to trying this place, but I liked the Subway that used to be there. Less crazy than the 14th & U one and much friendlier staff. Based on the fact that 2 restaurants in a row weren’t able to make it, this may be a pipe dream, but I’d really like a healthy fast food or fast casual place to go in there.

    • DM

      Wouldn’t you describe the Yamas U Street location as having been exactly that? A healthy fast food/fast casual place?

      • MCR

        Yamas wasn’t particularly healthy or fast. Honestly, although it’s not my personal preference, I think only a higher-end fast casual place (a sweetgreen or something similar) could survive here. A place like that would appeal to the VIDA clientele from around the corner.

        (My personal dream would be for a Glen’s here).

        • maria

          … This is a 10 minute walk from the original Glen’s.

  • eb

    I live about a block away. I really wanted to like Yamas but the menu seemed odd and I never found a “go-to” order. At the end of the day it just couldnt compete with Amsterdam Falafel on 14th and T or Greek Spot at 11th and V.

  • MR

    I went here a lot, but there were obvious problems. High employee turnover, ingredients that often looked stale, and bathrooms that were quite gross. It was a decent option for fast casual in the neighborhood (considering there aren’t many options), but it had so much more potential. I hope something else opens there soon.

  • ustreetmayor

    With any luck, maybe Local 16 will take over the space and they can cram even more obnoxiously loud people in for their drunken brunches.

  • Northwesterner

    I want to emphasize the previous comments; the turnover at this location was very frequent and complete. I ate there about once a week and there would be new faces almost and at least) every month. I never saw one person there consistently over the past 2 years. That seemed very different from the other fast/fast casual places I’ve frequented in the city. My limited perspective and evidence makes me think poor management did this one in. The food was good and reasonably priced, but it can’t be economical to be constantly training in new employees.

  • Rob

    I live right behind Yamas, and would go about once a month when we didn’t want to cook. Over the past few months, it seemed to go down hill … never saw the same person twice, even what looked to be several different owners … they ran out of tzatziki sauce often, and towards the end it looked like they couldn’t even replace burnt out lights. I had a feeling if they couldn’t keep a location open on 18th drunk alley, this location wouldn’t be for long.

    and subway sucks.

  • Lisalisadc

    That place sucked!!


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