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Today’s Rental has “fantastic views, high-end finishes and private outdoor space”

by Prince Of Petworth January 9, 2017 at 2:25 pm 23 Comments


Today’s rental is located at 13th and N St, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“OPEN HOUSE 1/14/2017 10AM-12PM, 1300 13TH STREET NW, #809

Incredible, light-filled, luxury 1-bedroom condo available for rent in Logan Circle! Amazing location, fantastic views, high-end finishes and private outdoor space. Available now at $2,599 per month.


The Unit:

– Approximately 675 Square Feet
– Floor to ceiling views w/ amazing sunsets. Views of National Cathedral and Logan Circle
– High-end kitchen w/ Viking professional range, stainless steel appliances and backsplash, granite counters and Poggenpohl cabinetry
– Marble bathroom w/ passthrough access from hallway and bedroom
– Gas fireplace
– Private balcony
– Generously sized bedroom and bathroom
– Bedroom features a walk-in closet with Elfa shelving. A coat closet is in hallway
– In-unit washer and dryer
– Central air w/ Nest learning thermostat
– Curtains included

Building amenities:
– Part-time doorman/concierge
– roof deck w/ large dining area and various lounge chairs. Part of the roof-deck can be reserved for private parties
– Bamboo “zen” garden at ground floor courtyard
– Bike parking

– One block from Logan Circle
– One block from 14th Street shopping, dining and nightlife
– 6 minute walk to Shaw’s Blagden Alley and 9th Street dining and nightlife
– Convenient to multiple METRO lines:
~ 11 minute walk to Orange, Blue, and Silver lines (McPherson Square)
~ 11 minute walk to Green and Yellow lines (Mount Vernon Square/Convention Center)
~ 14 minute walk to Red line (Metro Center)
– Convenient to multiple grocery stores
~ 7 minute walk to Whole Foods
~ 11 minute walk to Giant
~ 14 minute walk to Trader Joe’s

Additional Items:
– No pets
– No smoking
– First month rent due at signing of lease
– Security deposit of 1 month rent due at signing of lease
– Tenant responsible for utilities (electric, water, gas, cable)
– Move-in Fee of $200″

  • LedroitTigah

    attractive unit, don’t get me wrong, but GTFO with that price! for that amount of space???

    • 4teenthstreet

      Hmm. The price seems reasonable to me. Have you seen the prices on some of the new apartments in that area? Same price if not more expensive but smaller and no private outdoor space. Though they probably have more building amenities?

      • Joe

        I’ve just came to the conclusion that everybody who comments on these rental posts want a new construction 1bed room condo with parking a block from U street with utilities included for $1,500, otherwise its a bad deal.

        • JoDa

          675 ft2 with an odd layout in a building without a number of common amenities (concierge is not 24-hour, no gym, no pool, doesn’t even sound like it has a club room or other indoor space that can be reserved, etc.)…sure, the location’s great, but $2600 seems a bit steep given all that, no? $1500 is a price of years long past, but pushing double that seems a bit of a reach.

          • JoDa

            *$2600 + all utilities, which somehow includes water, even though multi-unit buildings can’t be separately metered in DC. So I get the pleasure of paying for the guy down the hall who is too busy to call the landlord and let them know his toilet is running or faucet is leaking, too…

          • Anon

            Water can be separately metered and tracked by a third party so that individual units pay for their actual usage. The master account is still one meter for DC Water.

          • textdoc

            “so I get the pleasure of paying for the guy down the hall who is too busy to call the landlord and let them know his toilet is running or faucet is leaking, too…” That’s basically how it works with condo buildings and water.

          • Anon Spock

            It does if you don’t take the basic step of setting up usage alerts for your water bill.
            On the other side of the issue, how is a tenant paying for water if they aren’t separately metered?

          • JoDa

            Yeah, we monitor our water usage monthly, as well as have alerts set up in case anything crazy happens (it never has, but you never know). We also, with the massive increases WASA has done recently, have offered plumbing inspections for tiny leaks and drips that might go unnoticed, at a group rate (the plumber offered a further 10% discount on repairs to anything found), and 85% of our owners participated. Condo owners are a whole lot more proactive than renters, and condo boards who are going to suffer the consequences of someone’s leaky toilet are a whole lot more involved than a large investor who can pass the cost on to the residents.
            Sub-metering seems like an awfully expensive undertaking in a building this large. I really doubt any developer would lay out for that. AFAIK, the sub-meters themselves are well north of $100, and then you’ve got to install them, which may mean reconfiguring plumbing from the cheapest/easiest layout…and then there’s a monthly service fee to read them and bill the tenants. That’s a lot of trouble and cash upfront to make the bottom-line rent look a few dollars per month less than the building next door.
            Which, BTW, I was able to easily find several nearby buildings with the missing amenities (24 hr concierge, gym, club rooms, etc.) for around the same price ($2500-2800). Many of them included water, some included electricity, and one even included Wifi in that price. So, yeah…the comps say this isn’t a deal no matter how you try to parse it.

          • Stan

            The fact that you are so concerned about the water metering really shows how out of touch you are.

          • JoDa

            Out of touch of what? I’m thinking like the guy who built this place. Am I gonna drop tens of thousands of dollars extra in upfront and ongoing costs so that 101 only pays for the water they use? Nope. While I understand that you don’t think that people who would pay this kind of money in rent will care whether their water bill is $20 or $200, I don’t think that’s accurate. A lot of people are stretching to rent units like this, and you’re completely discounting environmentalists who are going to be pissed at the shrug and “check please” attitude.

          • JoDa

            My point is moreso this is a nickle-and-dime job that puts all the risk on the tenant. Unless I own the thing, I shouldn’t suffer that risk. Most other buildings like this include at least water, and have more amenities. If I’m a high-paid convenience seeker, I’m just gonna pay the $200/month more to live in the building that includes my utilities. If I’m stretching to rent a luxury place, the risk of a random high utility bill is serious.

          • textdoc

            I didn’t see until now that the listing says “Tenant responsible for utilities (electric, water, gas, cable)”; I assumed from JoDa’s ire that the listing said something like “Water included; tenant pays for other utilities.”
            The inclusion of water in that list does seem odd, unless the building has submeters to monitor each unit’s water use. I almost wonder if the unit’s owner (or property manager) is clueless and doesn’t realize that water is (most likely) included in the condo fees.

          • OWNER

            Wow. I never expected the reference to a water bill to be such a hot topic! The building has submeters for all units. Tenant would be responsible for his/her own water usage.

        • Elkhaert

          I have no idea if this price is reasonable or not, but its the reason I’ll never get a unit in one of these buildings. Rowhouse for life!

        • James W.

          I’ll actually pay more to be further from U street.

    • Anon

      I actually came here to say that this seems suspiciously low. As someone recently in the market for a 1BR with a ~2,500/mo cap, you’d be surprised at the relative lack of options for newer buildings in that price range in desirable neighborhoods (U/Shaw/NoMa/H – not even talking Logan or Dupont).

      • Anon Spock

        How recent? If it was around primetime July-Sept, I would assume low inventory, but if you were looking in Dec, I’m a bit shocked. Maybe prices are just going up faster than I realized.

        • Anon

          Looking in December. I wasn’t shocked, but was certainly surprised. There didn’t seem to be much availability in that price range.

        • James W.

          Average rents are actually declining in the District. $2,600 for an average-sized 1br/1ba for an apartment with these so-called ‘high-end finishes’ (aka contractor grade, made-in-this-decade fixtures) seems excessive. I could go $2,250 at most.

  • TropicBird

    Vertigo no extra charge!

  • wpk_dc

    I really like this unit, especially that it’s an end unit with wrap-around windows. The price seems reasonable to me. As for the size, I’ve got a 1-BR of virtually the same square footage (670) and it’s just fine for a 1 BR.

  • FormerDCResident

    Rent in DC is way too expensive. End of story.


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