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Today’s Rental has a “Spectacular view of DC”

by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2017 at 2:20 pm 13 Comments


This rental is located at 1616 18th Street, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$1745 / 490ft2 – WOW What A Studio Price!

Spectacular view of DC from this lovely studio apartment home. Located on the south side of the building, this apartment home gives you a vast amount of sunlight.”

  • jf

    Wow is right. Almost $1800 for one room?!? Is living in Dupont that desirable? I get that it’s safe and convenient to a lot of people’s jobs but there’s nothing to do there.

    • FridayGirl

      +1 for wow in that building. You pay $1800 for a small studio in a luxury apartment but those are new and have all sorts of things — like washers and dryers. Anyone who can afford to pay the price would go for something way nicer….

  • Hill Denizen

    WOW is the same reaction I have to that price. As is, “wow that’s a lot of money for a studio.”

  • bruno

    Nice photograph.

    • Eyes McGee

      It’s a very old photo of the former National Trust HQ pre the multi year renovation if I’m not mistaken.

  • JohnH

    It does include utilities and is decently sized for a studio, so there’s that. You pay $2200 for a studio 4 blocks over. But I could never pay that much and not have a washer/dryer. I don’t get why so many apartments still don’t have that. I guess you have to deal with water, but the idea of going from a washer/dryer to have to go to a laundry room is not remotely appealing.

    • maxwell smart

      Water AND venting. It’s fairly difficult to retro-fit the required ductwork for dryer vents into existing buildings – I don’t think most landlords will feel the cost is justified. You could avoid the need for the venting with a combo washer/dryer unit, as those generally don’t require a vent, but I have yet to use one that actually got clothes dry.

      • FridayGirl

        I have a ventless dryer in my current apartment (one of the ones that are separate from the washing machine) and it works really well. Bedding is the only thing I’ve had to put in for more than one cycle.

    • logandude

      I used to have my own washer and dryer when I was living out in the ‘burbs, but found it not that difficult to give up when moving near downtown – and now that my landlord is retrofitting apartments in my 1960s-era building, I actually chose not to upgrade. The washers and dryers they are installing would have cut my walk-in closet space in half. Plus, in our new sharing economy where we rent rather than own things like cars and bicycles, we really should also be sharing laundry equipment rather than insisting on private access that just sits there unused 98% of the time.

    • anonny

      I never get this comment. Is wash n’ fold that expensive in DC? Why would you pay nearly 2k a month for a doorman building and not just send out your laundry? My laundry bill in NY is always around $40/month.

  • ColHeist

    We pay $2,000/month, utilities included, for a 700sq ft 1-bedroom just two blocks over. This price is ridiculous.

    • JohnH

      I think the price is a bit high – I think you can get similar studios around there for $1600ish. But a difference of $250 is still $3,000/year more. So it seems like a small difference, but it’s a chunk of change.

  • jd

    Looks like a nice unit and actually think the price is reasonable.


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