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  • DC Unity

    Wow! My friend just said a small group of White Nationalists are protesting in Farragut Square. Everyone, please be careful and safe out here. Remember, always follow the Police’s orders. Today is going to be crazy!

    • maxwell smart

      Today? I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but Pandora’s box has been open. This is going to be a rough 4 years.

      • DC Unity

        And that rough 4 years can turn into 8 years if we all don’t unite. I mean, damn, our country has been divided for hundreds of years for crying out loud! No matter what race, gender, or belief system, we all need to work together like a civilized society is suppose to. Conservatives and Liberals should be able to talk out their differences without any yelling or fighting, or “fake news” targeting the other party.

  • Please people – be aware of what you are projecting out into the world. Lining up for free food, petty vandalism and immature anarchist tantrums are NOT helping the real cause!!! Realize that fact that news sites – weather real or legitimate, are still focused on the sensational. Be smart – don’t sacrifice the cause for your own satisfaction. “Righteousness” means securing rights for all people (boring, endless work) not feeling smug about smashing windows or burning a newspaper box.

    • Smilla

      “Lining up for free food” — what the hell does that mean?

      Are you a concern troll or what?

    • anon

      I heard there were lines outside the Outrage store yesterday – I’m guessing that the restaurant just decided to treat those in line.

    • maxwell smart

      Not to be the spelling police but whether is the word you are searching for. And agree with how lining up for free food diminishes the cause – I’m not sure I understand.

      • Thanks for not being the spelling police! (Curious as to what else you are not?) WHETHER you are just being snarky, pathetically seeking a sense of superiority, or simply used to carving cuneiforms in stone tablets, and so are unaware of spell-check changes that one doesn’t always notice, I admire . . . well, nothing actually.

        • Ross

          No but seriously… Where is this free food?

  • Anon

    Love that there are so many guys in line!

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    I think this is so distracting. As someone said, the real work of justice is boring, endless, and often imperceptible. It involves boycotts and sacrifices, not lining up outside of clothing stores to brand yourself and to commodify revolution and resistance as another lifestyle choice.


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