“the mall and metro are in the literal opposite directions?”

by Prince Of Petworth January 17, 2017 at 10:35 am 12 Comments

wrong way
Photo by Rachele F

Rachele writes us:

“corner of D and NJ SE facing west. the mall and metro are in the literal opposite directions? green is not here? reason for this? it was suggested to me maybe people will have to take these routes due to road closures? still doesn’t explain erroneous metro”

How would he know where we’re going?

  • Moe

    Not metro lines. Ticket pass colors

  • SKB

    I believe the colors refer to categories of inauguration tickets, which are color-coded.

    • Anonymous

      Well that isn’t confusing….d’oh.

  • dcd

    I have no idea whether those signs refer to tickets or metro lines. Regardless, they don’t show that “the mall and [whatever it is] are in the literal opposite directions.” Different directions, yes. Not opposite.

    • Truxton Thomas

      The mall is to the right, but this sign points to the left. The “Metro” signs point straight ahead, but the Metro stop is directly behind. But, as you indicate, the context renders the entire premise of the argument moot.

      • stacksp

        Maybe folks will get lost and miss the inauguration

  • CapHillSE

    colors indicate access points for ticket holders of color-coded inauguration tickets.

    directions for mall and parade indicate allowable walking path for entrances to mall and access to parade route from the SE side of town.

    • Wouldn’t it be smart (and EASY) to choose different colors for ticketing areas than those for Metro lines???? Like golden, tan and puke green?

    • MtP

      +1 to this. Its confusing to people who live here, but the arrows pointing the opposite direction to the mall and parade are most likely the walking route around the barricades.

      • Anonymous

        +1. I think the people who are confused by this are probably not the intended audience.

  • stacksp

    The bikers for Trump will be out on the perimeter of th inauguration grounds to help direct traffic lol

  • davepander

    I saw some of these in SE. It looked to me like the wind had blown the sign around to face the wrong direction.


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