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The $20 for Two $10s Guy is Back (Again)

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2017 at 1:45 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user William E Heaton IV

His longevity is extraordinary. I’m starting to look forward to see what he comes up with when we finally go cashless once and for all… But as always, thanks to a reader for sending the heads up so you don’t get scammed if you are a kind soul and unfamiliar.

He’s at “Metro Center at the Forever 21 entrance” 1025 F Street, NW.

  • FridayGirl

    I heard this when I was in LA last week, too, but it was a $10 for two $5s. I figured better safe than sorry and steered my not-super-aware friends away without incident. Thanks for the heads up (again)!

  • textdoc
  • russellupton

    I’m an idiot and very nearly got taken by this guy this past weekend. He was at the bus stop outside of Solly’s on U Street. I stupidly engaged, being nice, then got suspicious before exchanging money. When I paused and challenged him, he accused me of attacking him, and claimed he was a guy who “works for a living.” So how exactly does the scam work? Does he take your $20 for the two $10s, then claim you only gave him a $1 instead of a $20?

    • anon


    • CE

      I hate this guy. When I told him to stop scamming tourists about a year ago in the U Street station (13th exit), he started screaming at me, then got right up in my face and told me I was “fucking trash.” I knew he was a pain in the ass, but he scared me that day, so be careful.

  • Q

    I got a guy this weekend in Columbia Heights asking me for $8 for a cab ride because he was diabetic and needed to get his insulin.

    • I’ve been asked plenty of times for money for cab fare. When I offer to pay for an uber, they get mad and walk away.

  • Thrillhouse

    I also almost got taken by this guy a couple months ago over by the Busboy & Poets on 5th Street. He tries to get a $20 for the two $10s, then claim you only gave him a $1 instead of a $20?

    I had never heard of this one before he tried this on me. He actually successfully pulled it off but he stood there talking to me and I guess I realized it quickly enough. I’m not a very threatening person and he gave me my money back. I have a feeling he was new at this. Not sure if it’s the same guy. It wasn’t very smooth. He could’ve easily had me

  • Ross

    I can’t believe this guy hasn’t taken a boot to the nads yet.

  • When will people start actually giving him a $1 and take the $10s and walk away?!?!? I’m begging for this to happen.

  • TropicBird

    Seriously the guy needs a bat to the groin like John Cusack at the bar in Grifters.


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