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“the currently proposed location is an inappropriate location because of the surrounding schools and children, and their families.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2017 at 1:55 pm 18 Comments

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UPDATE from another reader:

“There’s no plan for there to be a halfway house at 711 Edgewood. CORE used the address – without permission of the owner of the property – to apply to a federal request for proposals (RFP).”

17 0119 – Letter, Correction re 711 Edgewood & CORE (PDF)

“Dear PoPville,

Thought the community may be interested in knowing about this/signing the petition

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has proposed to locate a Prisoner Re-Entry Housing Facility in our neighborhood at 711 Edgewood St NE. This location is inappropriate because of its proximity to a cluster of two elementary schools and a middle school each across the street.

While services and support should be given to our fellow citizens, the currently proposed location is an inappropriate location because of the surrounding schools and children, and their families.

Here is some information about the proposed facility:

300 Beds for males in-house re-entry services,
An additional 150 home-confinement placements.
The contract would be for 5 years.
Residents in the facility would come from 1) inmates who are transferred from a prison to the RRC (Residential Re-entry Center) for pre-release programming, and 2) offenders under the supervision of the US Probation Office who are required to live at the RRC.”

  • U neighbor

    Sorry to hear this. Get ready for the internet commentariat (and in my experience DC gov’t officials) to spew a bunch of name-calling about you being NIMBY in an effort to invalidate any valid concerns you might have, and to also feel righteous and good about themselves. Good luck.

    • Anon

      There’s a halfway house at the end of my block. It hasn’t caused a single problem in the 6 years that I’ve lived there. Get over yourself.

      • wdc

        Are there 450 residents there? If not, how is your comment relevant to this topic? And how is your dismissal of U Neighbor justified?

      • kapitolhill

        I used to live a few houses down from one in Bloomingdale. Nice guys. A lot less volume though.

  • Michael Pierce

    So where do you locate such a facility to make everybody happy? Presumably it needs to be accessible by public transit. If it were up to me, we’d put all the correctional facilities adjacent to the Capitol.

    • JoDa

      I get the “it has to go somewhere,” and that there’s no location that will make everyone happy that isn’t a horrible one for the population the facility actually serves. I get it.
      That said, I also think this is a pretty horrible location. It’s a bit industrial for a residential facility – even though it is not far from transit and served very well by bus, it feels very desolate…plus it’s loud with the train tracks and actual industrial facilities located adjacent. Not exactly a “welcoming” environment. But, more importantly, this location is in a nook of the neighborhood that has a pretty robust crime rate, with the only truly nearby retail being a bar, a liquor store, and a convenience store selling mostly beer and wine. I do not like walking/biking through this area, as is. That’s a lot of temptation surrounding “clients” who are, presumably, trying to *stay* on the straight and narrow.

  • johnny on h

    This is a horrible location for a halfway house. Who on earth wants that next to three schools?

    • Hill Denizen

      Right? Being surrounded by so many screaming children would probably push me to do something illegal.

  • General Grant Circle

    I vote for Kalorama. Right by Ivanka, Obama, and Bezsos to keep em humble

    • Shawnnn

      Interesting point. Why not? Why do these places always end up in the less wealthy parts of the city?

      Are these DC offenders? Or would they include people from outside of our area? If local, isn’t it likely most of these people are low level, likely drug offenders? I don’t know why but I feel like if you’re someone who was just released to a halfway house and you want to continue doing bad things, you will probably go a good distance from the halfway house to do those bad things to avoid getting caught.

      It’s like why living across the street from a high school is better than living four blocks away from three high schools. Kids who want to get into trouble aren’t going to do it that close to school.

      • Cranky Old Bastard

        Because real estate is prohibitively expensive there?

        • General Grant Circle

          Eminent Domain!

          • Lawyer

            (The government still has to pay market value for eminent domain takings.)

          • anon

            Eminent domain still means paying fair market value.

          • General Grant Circle

            No man, Ima make Mexico pay for it. Havent you heard? Gov’t dont need to pay for nothin no more

  • Concern for Metropolitan Branch Trail ;)

    Does someone have access to the rules/regulations of the inmates housed at this facility? If so, post it here.

  • j

    What do you mean? All halfway houses are situated by train tracks…….

  • m

    well, I see that Brookland has reached peak NIMBY


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