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Shooting Near Petworth Metro around 1245pm

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 2:11 pm 33 Comments

via google maps

A reader reports:

“FYI, there was a shooting on Quebec and 10th and the entire block is taped by police.”

Alan Henney tweeted it occurred around 1pm.

Update from MPD:

“At 1239 hours, MPD was called to the 5900 block of Eastern Ave, NE, for the report of a shooting. Arriving units located an adult male victim suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

At 1242 hours, MPD was called to the 1000 block of Quebec Pl, NW for the report of a shooting. Arriving units located an adult male victim suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Detectives are investigating both cases.

Anyone with information regarding theses offenses should call MPD at (202)727-9099.”

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? This is right by Raymond Rec Center and the nearby grade school? Neighbors have been trying to tell MPD that there is an open air drug market located at 10th & Quebec (exact location of the shooting!), but have been ignored for over two years. No one has been helpful. I’ve been threatened walking by the corner numerous times.

    • concerned neighbor

      I don’t doubt it, but I’m curious why you were threatened. Did you say something to provoke someone? What kind of threats? The guys usually on that corner seem generally jovial, and several have been nice to me when I walk by with dog or children. I concede that they often seem under the influence and do appear to be dealing, though “open air drug market” is hyperbole, no?
      I do wish that cops would walk around the rec center and the neighborhood more. Teens are always smoking weed by the picnic tables directly next to the playground. Can’t the police show a presence, engage the community, interact with people, talk to kids? Instead the police are nowhere in sight, or just sit in the parking lot or drive through at dangerous speeds, sometimes with no sirens or lights, ignoring pedestrians and their pesky strollers.

      • Anonymous

        I happened to glance inside the car that was stopped there and witnessed a drug deal. I didn’t say anything, but kept walking. I don’t care if they are jovial, jubilant or jolly; MPD has allowed them to operate unabated for at least three years. MPD routinely ignored our calls and pleas. Very frustrating.

      • JB

        LOL @”concerned neighbor”: if “they often seem under the influence and do appear to be dealing,” then “open air drug market” is a literal (not hypberbolic) description.

        • JB


      • bamboozled

        Yeah, I’ve been conned by the jovial nature too. Bottom line is it’s not good for the hood, no matter if the dealers are nice or not. And I have brought up the same point, why can’t cops come around the playground, not for the purpose of hassling people, but just as you said, to get to know people. I communicated this directly to the police and others but saw no response.

        This group of guys, save for one or two, don’t even live on the street. Pretty easy to see what’s going on if you are paying any attention. Or just driving by.

    • saf

      “over two years.”

      No. Over 27 years. It was a problem when I moved here then, and my neighbors tell me it had been a problem long before that. Yes, we’ve told the cops. Over and over. Somehow, the problems continue. It’s a bit better now that the end house isn’t empty, but still…..

      • bamboozled

        Big problem is the house they congregate in front of the folks don’t seem to have a problem with it. Or maybe are afraid to call the cops. Sad.

      • quincy dud

        Yeah – I had to laugh at the “over two years” comment. While factually accurate, it doesn’t bring forward the scope. I’ve since moved to less shooty pastures in the District, but if I were still there I’d get a coalition of the willing to ALL put up cameras and provide footage to the fuzz. It’s not snitching if it’s everyone.

  • Guillermo Brown

    There are always groups of guys loitering in front of Raymond Rec. That big empty parking lot attracts it

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the heads up but characterizing this as “near” the Petworth Metro stop is not really accurate.

    • I’ve included a map so folks are always welcome to come to their own conclusions about such characterizations.

    • JS

      Counterpoint: yes it is.

      • according to my gps

        I agree that this is near the metro, particularly when you’re on foot, and familiar with the alleys. This without even considering the somewhat “porous” Raymond rec fence.

        • quincy dude

          It’s not so porous any more. It’s steel rails. That was something we fought hard to get – and it has yielded results.

    • Huh?

      2 blocks isn’t considered “near” anymore???

    • AnonySnark

      You’d never make it as a real estate agent in this town!

  • Disgusted

    Raymond Rec Center is a mess. On one occasion I was there with my kids and there were about 15 – 20 teenagers hanging out, smoking weed, and cursing loudly. One even “play kidnapped” another teenager’s toddler. The poor child was crying hysterically. People let their dogs run loose around the field. My kids stepped in poop on the field a couple of weeks ago. The Rec Staff or police are never visible outside. It just doesn’t feel safe…and now a shooting right across the street!?!! We are going to have to find a new playground.

    • A

      Preaching to the choir. Our calls went ignored by Lt Figueras and Manlapaz simply provided political talk and no action.

      • bamboozled

        Staff claims there isn’t much to do about the teens but staff is chilling inside. Got to include more people in the complaints, I did get one response back from the man who is responsible for managing the Rec Ctr when I included his boss.
        Maybe now that we see the result we will all put the heat on for these people to do their jobs.

  • MsSunshine

    Things have been getting friskier on the block over the last year, with unruly teenagers starting to exert their presence. Between the weed smoking on the front porch, the general rowdiness (aka, fake street fighting, throwing rocks at windows, allowing trash to fall limply from their hands wherever) at all hours and the unusual (for this block) car break-ins, we are hunkering down. Meanwhile, the older fellas on the corner have always been respectful to me.

  • Ray

    I was there last year and there was a kid–about 11 or 12, under adult “supervision”–riding a 4-wheeler on the field there. Called the cops, they came, the kid and adult denied ownership/operation of the vehicle, and the cops left. Then went right back to riding it. Dogs on that field all the time.

    • AN

      I remember that. MPD apologized and clarified that their protocol is to seize the property.

      There is so much potential at the rec. center. It’s a shame MPD doesn’t walk through there once in a while. I’ve seen them on the block dealing with the drug house (the one that for some reason can’t get shut down because the good sibling is politically connected…) and in the parking lot, but never patrolling the park. A little bit of law enforcement upkeep would be appreciated there.

      • AN

        I want to clarify on the rec. center, potential is rather ham handed. What I mean to say is that families use it all the time, full stop. It should be a safe space for the community, and not inch any closer towards its former self.

        • bamboozled

          Exactly. It is a great community resource. Too many folks not speaking up when they see things that are unacceptable. Time for some emails and phone calls, and not just now, any time you see that which you don’t want in your community, like teens smoking weed 20 feet from the playground. Come on staff, (manager, chief muckkity muck) get the hell out of the building!

  • JB

    I understand that the police can’t be everywhere at all times, but this is a longstanding problem area, and there are rarely any police to be seen. So the drug use/dealing, unruly behavior, and (today at least) violence continues unabated. Will it take a child getting hit by a stray bullet for MPD to pay attention?

    • Jake Hill

      Maybe DC needs Southside Chicago type of crime. Only then will the Cops get involved. Although it’s questionable about how Chicago PD is deterring the crime there, since crime in Chicago goes up every year. But that’s a different topic.

      Anyways, maybe with President Trump moving to DC, he’ll somehow get involved/speak on the crime in “his city, and try to encourage MPD to do a better job.

      Seriously, something has to be done about the crime in this city. The Nation’s Capitol should not have this much crime. Should more Police be hired? Should MPD start conducting random strip searches/no-knock raids in hopes to find illegal firearms and drugs? Something needs to be done!

      • Anonymous

        How much crime should the Nation’s Capitol have? DC has way less crime that it did when it was the murder capitol of the country.
        I’m not discounting this incident or crime in general, but resorting to hyperbole doesn’t really help. Also, random strip searches and no-knock raids are patently unconstitutional. They are also great tactics to use if you want to see large amounts of taxpayer dollars going to settle civil lawsuits against the police department.

      • Anon

        Yes I’m sure DC, where 4% of the population voted for him, will be Trump’s number one priority.

        There have been reports of high police attrition the last couple of years, and it does seem like MPD needs to do some more hiring. I assume they are trying, but maybe they need more funds. In addition to being unconstitutional, your other ideas will lead to the alienation of minority communities and extreme distrust of the police and will not make DC a better place.

    • Anonymous

      “Will it take a child getting hit by a stray bullet for MPD to pay attention?”
      Yeah, pretty much, given that loitering isn’t against the law. And popping someone for dealing drugs requires a labor intensive police operation. And then all you’ll get after someone is shot is a light truck parked on the corner for a few nights powered by a loud generator that keeps the law-abiding residents up all night.

  • A

    Saw about 10 teens the other day at 10th and Quebec selling drugs the other day. Out in the open and I kept my head down and kept
    Walking. As a young woman this is scary for me as who knows how large groups of males especially those under the influence will behave.

    • Kingpin of Petworth

      Usually dealers will be the last people to hassle you. They generally dont want to cause disturbances that draws attention to them. The buyers may be a different matter, but even then dealers usually dont like when addicts lounge around where they buy for reason stated above, and tend to discourage theft of their buyers since it brings more police presence.

      What it does bring is random drug violence.

  • soozles

    Not just 10th and Quebec, but 9th and Quincy at the other end of that alley. I often park around there to take the Metro to work. I actually see tons of cops on the corner of Georgia and Quincy by the Dunkin’ policing the Roosevelt teens who congregate there.


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