“I witnessed what I believe to be a sexual assault at 15th & T Sts NW today at approx 8:30am.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2017 at 11:00 am 31 Comments


A reader reports:

“I witnessed what I believe to be a sexual assault at 15th & T Sts NW today at approx 8:30am. I was traveling northbound on 15th St stopped at the light for T St NW. A woman was crossing 15th, heading east on the north crosswalk. As she finished crossing and stepped up onto the curb, a man standing on that corner, reached out and down with his right arm and touched/grabbed her front private area. She was visibly surprised, pulled out her headphones and started screaming expletives (I assume, I think I saw a F*** you mouthed) at him. He, without batting an eye or acknowledging her screaming, casually crossed 15th St and then turned southbound on the west side of 15th.

I tried to grab a photo but was so surprised I flubbed the phone. I looped around once to try and catch a photo of his face but only managed to grab a photo of his back as he was walked south on 15th St. I then tracked down the victim a few blocks away to make sure she was okay. I offered to try and get a better photo of him, give her contact info or anything to help. She said she was shaken but okay. I just cannot stop thinking about what I saw this morning and want to warn neighbors to be vigilant. The man was approx 40-50 years old, about 5’2”, black male, stocky/round build with a shuffle-type walk. He was wearing black pants, dark thick jacket (maybe with a slight pattern) black beanie, found toe black shoes. He had a round, unexpressive face.”

If the victim would like to be put in touch with OP to file a police report (if one hasn’t been filed already) please email me at [email protected]


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