• Mark

    That was quite a run for that space.

  • Michael Pierce

    Recently I was in Adams Morgan on a weeknight for the first time in a while, and I was a little shocked at how many bars and restaurants were either not open on a weeknight or had closed permanently. I’m wondering if some of these places just open later than when I passed (around 8pm) or are only open on the weekends now. Anyway it’s a noticeable difference from when I used to live nearby and spend many nights on 18th Street, around ten years ago. I guess the nightlife scene has really shifted over to Shaw (in the broader sense, including 14th & U) and H Street.

    • AdMo

      Interesting – I’ve lived in Adams Morgan for the past 13 years and while I feel like quite a few places are closed on Mondays, generally there’s been a great increase in local spots to patronize both during the week and weekends that don’t rely on $5 fireball shots to draw crowds. Roofer’s Union, Smoke & Barrel, Osteria Al Volo, and Sakuramen have all been great additions to then neighborhood over recent years that don’t break the bank, while Mintwood Place and Tail Up Goat are great for splurges (or to sit at the bar with a cocktail and an app). I do miss Cashion’s though.

      • Detroit Jayhawk

        Yeah, Adams Morgan is improving for food in almost the two years since I’ve lived in the neighborhood. Songbyrd has good sandwiches in their cafe and a really good brunch, even though their regular dinner menu is medicore (seriously, for the price I paid for the chicken sandwich, I could have just cooked it at home). Mellow is really good pizza and beer, and I also really like the new BBQ place that opened on Columbia. I also have liked Los Cuates and I’m looking forward to Wingo’s opening up as well.

  • Dupont Resident

    hoping for something interesting!! Adams Morgan has some real potential if more places like black squirrel, smoke and barrel, etc. open

  • MtP

    Bring back the jerk chicken place! I loved the chicken sandwich and the bartender there.


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