• Anon

    I’m sure this one’s going to stick around for a long time.

  • Belmont Road Diva

    You honestly could not pay me to go in there. There are some shady places on 18th street, and this one ranks pretty high on the list.

  • MtP

    I honestly really enjoyed this place when it was a Jamacian Jerk place for a hot minute. Really too bad it didn’t stay as that.

  • Native

    This is the longest funeral I’ve ever witnessed. But it must be said I will miss the souk like atmosphere of Adams Morgan when it’s all “Arlington” at some not so distant date. The dysfunction and hodgepodge is easy to dismiss but appreciate it while you can. These ramshackle flimflam businesses are part of what make our neighborhood interesting and unique. When they go we can only hope for a Songbyrd like funky business to replace them vs the chains & luxury condos that are patiently waiting for the demographic indicators to fit their requirements.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      So you’re not happy that it’s starting to souk.

      • Beans

        Who doesn’t love a good souk?

  • the dude

    I think this will actually be a nice addition to the neighborhood. It’s owned by the same guy who owns Queens Cafe & Hookah across the street (which has a good reputation/is a nice place), except this one will have food and alcohol as well.

  • Anonymous

    We live on 18th and some random-ass places have opened recently. The new Jamaican club in the basement on east side of 18th is always poppin’ on Monday and Tuesday nights – bizarre timing. Club 2020 has a full-on club lighting rig but no one is ever there. And then this venue has re-booted as a hookah bar for the n’th iteration. And don’t forget Yamas next door, which I believe in the 3rd shwarma-falafel business in that store front in 3 years. I’m convinced these are all money laundering fronts. It’s truly strange.

  • Lanierer

    Question – as a resident of Adams Morgan who tends to avoid the large crowds and dive bars of Adam Morgan, I am wondering if there are any good options for a quiet and good cocktail (e.g. martini) along the strip. I know there are decent options along Columbia Rd. (and now Adams Mill!), and then there is Jack Rose at the south end, and other bars around FL Ave – but what about within the heart of 18th?

    • OP Anon

      First, if your goal is a “quiet drink” then I recommend only going out Sunday to Thursday. And even Thursday is much busier than Sunday to Wednesday. I usually avoid Jack Rose – great whiskeys, but too much of a scene and generally busy at all hours.
      Libertine has great drinks and is very relaxed. Tons of absinthe options, if you like Pastis etc. Great for warm summer nights.
      Bourbon has an excellent half-price “tasting flight” of high-end bourbons and whiskeys on all night on Wednesdays
      Roofers Union rooftop has tasty scorpion bowls and is generally relaxed on non-weekend nights


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