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  • JohnH

    Has anyone bought shirts from here? I get their catalogs with their deals and what not, but always wondered how nice the shirts were. And this location is not one I venture to often.

    • TooMuchTuna

      I buy their shirts and suits. I find the cuts to be much better than what you’d find at a place like Brooks Brothers or any other American retailer (aside from maybe J Crew). If you have a slim build or broad shoulders with a narrow waist, the cuts are fantastic.

      The only complaint I have is that the shirt material is a little thin, but the suits are really nice.

    • BigD

      I have several of their shirts and I find that they fit me much better than similarly sized shirts from other brands. I’ve found them to be a great value for what you get.

    • JohnH

      Just curious – I’m tall – 6’4″ and I usually have problems with shirts being a bit short and noticed they don’t have tall sizes. Is the cut pretty lengthy? I can’t find length on their sizing. Some dress shirts are fine from Nordstrom brand and such, but J Crew is usually way too short for tucking in.

      • OP Anon

        The cuts are lengthy. Then again, I’m 5’11. Go try them on.

      • jcm

        I’m 6’3″, and find their shirts in size 17/37 plenty long to tuck in.

      • Bloomy

        I’m 6’3″ with long arms, and their longest sizes are not long enough… still, I own a few that I wear with the sleeves rolled up…

        • JohnH

          My arms are not that long thankfully. Do you have problems with the overall length of the shirt?

    • Anonymous

      My major complaint with the shirts is that they don’t have a button along the forearm. It’s fine if you never want to roll your sleeves up a little way or don’t mind a weird gap along the sleeve, but seems like a strange design choice on their part.

    • KenyonDweller

      I buy just about all of my work shirts there. At 4 for $200, the quality is just fine. Some of them are actually quite nice.

      • Anon

        They frequently do 3/$100 sales, so I’d hold out if you can.

    • OP Anon

      I have a ton of CT shirts and one suit. I find the tailoring to be more Europe, which suits my body type (skinny, tall, lanky). Their extra slim shirts fit me perfectly.
      The irony is that in the UK, Charles Tyrwhitt is seen by many who wear suits (e.g., bankers, lawyers, consultants) as an inferior bargain basement brand.

      • Hill Denizen

        I don’t know about here, but over there, their sales are very Jos. A. Bank-ish. I’m not a dude, but it seemed to be the place where a lot younger professionals working in conservative offices would get their office basics.

        • JohnH

          The catalogs I get always have those types of sales – just got one with 3 shirts for $99. I like the Nordstrom brand dress shirts for my basics though. There’s just not as much variety as this.

          • Anon

            These are my go-to work shirts. No brainer at $33/per. I’d suggest you try them out – go for the extra slim variety if you’re tall and lanky.

  • 1301

    I just spotted this Sunday. “Oy” is roughly what went through my head, too. Followed quickly by, “Seriously?!?”

  • kevin

    british company… I actually love the shirts/ties… usually have really good deals

  • kapitolhill

    On the scale of all things, this ranks near the bottom of “should we pay attention”.

    Decent stuff at their stores.

  • Fish

    The store phone number is 202-594–3529. If you find their windows to be in poor taste. let them know.

  • Hill Denizen

    I don’t find it in particularly poor taste. None of the signs are offensive and their playing on current events. I don’t think it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to have a politicallly biased message

  • MCR

    I’d raise an eyebrow at this, but it’s not nearly as bad as a promo email I got from Hudson and Crane a couple weeks ago that included the phrases “Grab it by the pillow” and “make design great again.” That was cringe-worthy.

  • bruno

    Haven’t ironed in I don’t know how long. Life’s too short.

  • Kingman Park

    If anyone finds this to be in poor taste, please explain why.

    • Count Pheasant

      It’s trivializing the horrors rolling out of the Trump administration and the efforts to protest them.

      • Schmooky

        Count Pheasant, how do you know this is a tongue-and-cheek reference to anti-Trump protesters? This year there have been many many protests. Is it automatically in poor taste to have a bit of fun with the protest sentiment? Please.

  • aglets

    I thought this was kind of funny. “Fight the powers that crease”? c’mon

  • Kalorama

    Shirts are solid for the price, and they were the first store I found that sold reasonably priced suits that fit me properly. I’m 6’4″, wear a 44L, have a 33″ waist, and 36″ arms. Because the drop (the difference between waist and chest size) is so big, most standard American suitmakers, like Brooks Brothers and J. Press, don’t fit particularly well. However, now that SuitSupply has arrived on the scene, you can get higher quality suits from them that larger folks well at reasonable prices. Their shirts are more expensive than CT at about $100 each, so I mostly get my shirts from CT when they go on sale. Twillory also has decent shirts at good prices.

  • Dieselkopeazle

    This has been there for weeks, well before the refugee orders

    Their shirts are fantastic.


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