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“American by Belief, at President Lincoln’s Cottage, introduces the public to Abraham Lincoln’s little known immigration policies.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 30, 2017 at 4:00 pm 6 Comments

lincolns cottage
140 Rock Creek Church Road, NW

From President Lincoln’s Cottage:

“On July 4, 1864, the same day the Lincoln family moved to the Cottage for the last time, Abraham Lincoln signed into law An Act to Encourage Immigration. This legislation cemented Lincoln and the Republican Party’s platform pledging that immigration “should be fostered and encouraged by a liberal and just policy.”

American by Belief, a new special exhibit opening this fall at President Lincoln’s Cottage, introduces the public to Abraham Lincoln’s little known immigration policies. Lincoln believed that America offered immigrants the full realization of its founding promises and a fair chance to succeed. Some of these very principles continue to draw immigrants to the United States 150 years later.

American by Belief opens on October 16, 2015, in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center and will remain open for two years.

Follow here for immigration stories visitors have left us in the exhibit.”

  • textdoc

    Nice going, Lincoln’s Cottage!

  • JoeOn3rd

    This is fantastic – I will definitely pay a visit.

  • NoVaMan

    A full quarter of Lincoln’s army was foreign-born: http://time.com/3940428/civil-war-immigrant-soldiers/

    It should, therefore, be no surprise he would seek to increase immigration for its utility in slaughtering the native born and destroying their cities.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Or, you know, suppressing the treasonous rebellion.

      • textdoc

        Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • NoVaMan

        That same war machine was used to conquer the remaining free Native American nations. Don’t forget that the 1860 Republican platform included “opening” the west for white settlement and an end to any Native American sovereignty. This is why so many tribes allied with the Confederacy. But everyone revels in a good old genocide when they’re able to believe moralist fairy tales that justify the slaughter.



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