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  • Idontgetit

    Wasn’t there a fire next door?

    • Shaw Guy

      Love this house, but the neighboring building has been boarded up six months now. I hope the city is taxing it as blighted.

  • nancy

    Has long been one of my favs. No matter how crappy the day, going by this house always makes me smile.

    • IDontGetIt

      I agree!

      • ehdc

        I’ve never seen this in person, but just seeing the photo made me smile. Yes to whimsy!

  • KellyKapowski

    Love this house so much!

  • InsideTheWatermelon

    Thanks to all for the wonderful comments. Always great to hear about our house making folks smile…it sure does make us smile too!

    To answer the question about the house next door — indeed there was a fire next door in April 2016 – that miraculously spared the 145-year-old Watermelon House. We and the neighbors on the other side have hit brick walls (pun intended) with both the District and with the phantom owner(s) with anything being done about it. So the waiting game is still on…

    So we continue to smile at the whimsical Watermelon House!


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