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“Found a noose tied to the construction fence on U Street”

by Prince Of Petworth January 20, 2017 at 10:00 am 24 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

“Went out to run an errand and found a noose tied to the construction fence on U Street just west of Reeves Center. Luckily, there are always police in that area, so I reported it quickly. The officer documented and removed it.

Welcome to Trump’s America.”

Ed. Note: Another reader reports “Everyone at WMATA received a memo yesterday that a noose was found in a break room at a Metro facility.”

noose 2
Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

  • P

    Horrible if that’s actually a noose, but looks more like rigging to lift materials on the construction site to me.

  • wdc

    A noose? really? Not just a length of rope that happened to have a loop in it?
    If *I* were going to leave a noose lying around as a political message, I’d spend two minutes on the internet learning how to tie a noose. And then I’d leave it somewhere less ambiguous than the one place a length of rope actually belongs.

    • Bloomingdale

      Why does a piece of rope belong there?

      • wdc

        It’s a construction site!

    • Like the break room at a Metro facility?

      • wdc

        I didn’t see that one. Was it tied in a noose? Rather than whatever that sloppy definitely-not-a-noose knot is in the picture?

    • nevermindtheend

      Well, when I reported it I said it looked like it might be a noose. The police officer who was taking photos of it said it was a noose. Also, there’s no reason for rope to be here – this is a temporary sidewalk and is outside the construction area.

      • HaileUnlikely

        This is basically the rope analog of a “suspicious package” that turns out to be the backpack that somebody set down and forgot to pick back up before they got back on the bus. There is real hate and there are real nooses and those are truly heinous, but this just isn’t one. This is about as much a noose as the construction fencing is a Trump Wall meant to keep the immigrants out.

    • Anonamom

      I’m certainly glad that you would put more thought and effort into your hate crimes, wdc, but your average racist isn’t exactly as conscientious.

      • wdc

        You work in healthcare. This is the political version of hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras. Now, maybe the inauguration of a nasty president who encourages animosity among the people is the equivalent of zebras escaping from the zoo.
        If I’m wrong, you know I’ll freely admit it. Given what I’m seeing in the picture, I think it’s an overreaction, and we’d be better served saving our alarm and outrage and activism for the less subtle/ more capable threats that will almost certainly come.

  • Mary

    Someone needs to have knots explained to them.

  • anon

    That is not a noose; that is more like a sheepshank which is used to shorten a length of rope without cutting it.

    • scout


  • hma

    Kinda just looks like a rope to me. Not a crazy thing you’d see at a construction site.

  • Cam

    Well, the guy who stopped his cell phone conversation last night in Union Station to yell that he wanted to grab my “boobies” wasn’t talking about birds.

  • B’Dale Res

    I hope everyone was okay and this piece of rope at a construction site didn’t upset too many people. May want to scan the area for nails and other construction related debris. That stuff really hurts! This isn’t really that large scale of a project, so they should be keeping all of it contained.

  • hiphop anonymous

    Obviously OP doesn’t know what a noose is. Just because a rope has a loop in it doesn’t make it a noose…

  • TacoPants

    Yeah… That doesn’t look like a noose to me. Just some rope at a construction site. And I have to admit I pretty much have had a hair trigger for offensive things this week

    • nevermindtheend

      It’s definitely not technically a noose knot, but the police were treating it as if it were a noose. I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it if it had been any other day.

  • Wendy Testaburger
    • Brooklyn Brawler

      Was coming here to post the same thing after reading the comments above. SMDH

    • Tim

      Yes – one small distinction… That is actually a noose, not a rope w/ a loop in it.

  • JB

    A) Pretty sure this isn’t actually a noose and B) If it is, it’s almost certainly a fake hate crime.

    • FridayGirl

      Is there such a thing as a fake hate crime? If one has enough malice to think this is funny I’d say they truly are hateful and should be viewed as such.


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