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Florida Avenue Grill Packed on New Years Day – Auction of Property Still Set for January 18th

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2017 at 11:10 am 4 Comments

11th and Florida Ave, NW

On Friday we learned that the famed Florida Avenue Grill property would be sold at auction on Wednesday January 18, 2017. They were packed on New Years and their last Facebook post makes no mention of the auction:

Another reader notes:

“I was trying to figure out what was going on with the Fla Ave Grill and came across a 2009 NYT article on the owner, seems its not his first brush with this.”

We will obviously update with any news on what happens Wednesday January 18th.

And in other Florida Avenue Grill memories. Another reader notes:

“…I just watched D.C. Cab on HBO go for the first time in about 15 years and there are pretty extended scenes shot in what looks to be the actual interior of the grill. Also there are pretty amazing exterior shots as well. They also show National Airport, embassy row, U street and what looks like may have been Chinatown or Union Market area. The final scene is a parade outside of the “District Building” starring the Cardozo Marching Band. It’s all topped off with a special thanks to D.C. And Mayor Barry. I highly recommend the cult classic!”

  • Deplorable Fitz

    I really want to like the Grill and I hate being a local gentrifying force that’s destroying these old DC establishments

    BUT – this place is awful. I kept giving it chances and the service was just horrendous. I tried to order a grilled ham & cheese and you’d thought I asked for the nuclear launch codes. The food is average at best.

    • Blithe

      I haven’t been in years — so I wondered how/if it had changed under the current owner. I’m hoping that I can make it by there in the next week or so, for a major taste of nostalgia, and possibly some chitlins.

      . Deplorable Fitz, after reading your comment, I skimmed the most recent Yelp reviews — which are overwhelmingly positive. Since you don’t mention specific issues that you had with the service, I’m wondering if your “horrendous” would be my version of comfortable “Southern efficiency”? My expectation of a diner type of restaurant is good food — that might be a little more sweet, a little more buttery, a little more seasoned, a little more everything than what I might make at home. I expect the service to be informative and helpful, and companionably slow — unless I’ve specifically mentioned that I have a clock to punch. I am also very clear that my expectations are likely to be quite misaligned with the types of services that are likely to prosper in the neighborhood that U Street has now become.

  • topherrobin

    This sucks. I’m gonna miss their Southern cooking and my fried pork chop with eggs for breakfast. It’s always been a great experience going here.

  • ForgetAboutIt

    This place was great, until it wasn’t. I loved being able to in on a Saturday or Sunday morning, sit down without a wait and be out the door in 30 minutes. But once the word spread and it became more popular and people started brunching there, that was it for me. RIP.


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