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Faded Bloomingdale Banners – Fix Them? or Ditch Them?

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2017 at 1:30 pm 22 Comments


“I’m sitting outside of the bloomingdale dry cleaners on Rhode Island ave and just noticed these street marker-kind-of banners… any idea who manages? How I could get replaced? They’re all sun-bleached and the picture is just row houses (kind of redundant) and a small “BLOOMINGDALE”.”

I would inquire with the Bloomingdale Civic Association. But what do you guys think about the banners – replace them with new ones or go banner-less?

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  • Truxtoner

    Same, but Truxton Circle.

    • dc_anon

      They looked nice when installed 8-9 years ago, I think it was BACA that did the funding/grant writing legwork to get them installed at the time. The first st tree iron tree boxes were a similar grant/project.

  • Khris

    It would be nice to have local artists spray paint murals on them.

    • Tom

      +1, I live on that block and I would much rather see some of this than restored or reprinted versions of the existing works.

  • Anon. no. 5

    I think sometime recently the BCA wanted to have them replaced with the metal ones like along H St NE. Not sure what happened to that idea. I think the city does the funding.

    • K

      The District does the Permitting. The local/ neighborhood group does the funding.

      • Anon. no. 5

        Ah thanks for the info!

    • Anon

      I’d definitely throw down for something nice. Get it together BCA!

      • Bloomy


      • AP

        + 1

  • AnonV2

    They’ve been that way for a few years now, the one outside of Big Bear resembles a tattered rag. It would be nice to see a replacement, but only if they were made of something more durable like sheet metal. Around the same time they had planters installed along with some of the banners, but I don’t think any plan to water them, with predictable results.

  • K

    In my neighborhood they are put up and and managed by the civic association. But a ‘Main Streets’ program probably manage them in neighborhoods without an active civic association. They require a permit per banner from DDOT. I think they were like $50 dollars when our neighborhood did them.

  • B’Dale Res

    It definitely symbolizes the state of the neighborhood with DCWater tearing up he streets for years on end.

  • jonah

    The lone Petworth banner is still up on New Hampshire. They were funded by an ANC grant. The name of this site rings a bell http://princeofpetworth.blogspot.com/2007/02/you-gotta-be-kidding-me.html

  • Bdylan89

    Same issue with the one’s in Eckington.

  • Shawnnnnn

    I’m sure the Donald will take care of this. He’s going to make Bloomingdale great again.

  • Anon

    Save Our Banners!

  • reality

    I like them – I say replace! I lived in Eckington for 5 years and always wondered who would replace those ones as well.

  • Meese is a Pig!

    In either case the tattered remains should be ditched until some other solution is agreed upon. As is they really look like sh*t.

  • karen

    I would love to see the banners replaced with flower pots the way they have in Georgetown. I think the banners are looking a bit dated/ragged and it would be nice to clean them up and out.

  • patricia mitchell

    REPLACE OR GO BANNER-LESS. Long overdue!


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